Meet Mumtaz Naseem and Here’s A Little About Her Husband

Mumtaz Naseem is a famous Hindi/Urdu poet, writer, author, and vocalist, as her articles and poems are known to appear in various newspapers and journals regularly.

Mini Bio on Mumtaz Naseem

Mumtaz Naseem was born on September 17, 1982, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is a well-known Hindi/Urdu poet, writer, author, and singer from India. She is the most devout Kavi sammelan poetess ever known. While on stage, she is known to play Ghazals, Geet, and Nazms. Her muktaks and phrases have been ingrained in the minds of today’s youth. When she stands on the mic, she exudes a burst of energy into the room.

Meet Mumtaz Naseem And Heres A Little About Her Husband
Mumtaz Naseem and her husband

Who is Mumtaz Naseem’s Husband?


Mumtaz Naseem is currently off the internet space and knowledge. She has kept his husband’s identity hidden from the public in general. As a result, the identity and information of her husband have yet to be revealed, neither are her marriage details known; therefore, it is unclear whether she has children. The actor has yet to reveal the specific facts of his family and other personal information.


Mumtaz Naseem has performed on both a national and international stage. Even though she is famous, she has kept her personal life private; she appears to be someone who dislikes being in the spotlight.

While reciting poetry, she is outstanding and easy on the ears and mind. Every Kavi Sammelan marks a turning point in Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem’s life. She has performed her poetry in over 1,000 Kavi Sammelans and Mushairas. Kavyitri Mumtaz Naseem’s path is not simply restricted to the Kavi Sammelans in India.

Instead, she is frequently invited to participate in Mushairas from Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan, Oman, and other UAE countries.

People prefer to hold Kavi sammelans on special occasions and anniversaries.

During their yearly events and fests, Kavi Sammelans are also held in prestigious engineering, medical, and management colleges.


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