Meet Orel Hershiser Wife, Dana Deaver

Meet Orel Hershiser Wife Dana Deaver

Who Is Dana Deaver?

Dana Deaver is an educational specialist, is married to MLB star Orel Leonard Hershiser IV. She was born in Laramie Wyoming in 1962.

She schooled at Laramie High School and the University of Wyoming respectively. Dana began her relationship with Orel in 2005 in Minneapolis just after the pitcher quit his first marriage.

Meet Orel Hershiser Wife Dana Deaver

Dana Deaver and her husband, Orel Hershiser

Dana Deaver’s Marital Life In Brief

Dana Deaver is married to Orel Leonard. After five years of dating, the two lovers tied the knot in 2010 at the Las Vegas Bellagio Fountain in the United States of America.

Dana Deaver lives together with her husband Orel and her two stepsons, Orel Leonard Hershiser V and Jordan alongside her kids Sloane and Spencer.


Dana’s husband is a 64-year-old baseball pitcher born on September 16, 1958, made his debut in the MLB after being drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in round 17 during the 1979 MLB draft. He played 18 seasons throughout his career in the MLB.

Orel was married to Jamie Byars. The two divorced in 2005 after having two sons together. Dana Deaver is the second woman the former baseball pitcher has taken as a wife.