Meet Raymond Huger’s Son, Brandon Huger

Meet Raymond Hugers Son Brandon Huger

Brandon Huger is Raymond and Karen Huger’s lovely son. His son name was derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English meaning “hill covered with broom”.

Who is Brandon Huger?

Brandon Huger is the son of Karen Huger, the beautiful housewife, that was featured on the first season of the Real Housewives of Potomac.

Brandon is not the biological child of Raymond Huger, for his mother married Raymond as a single mother. Karen Huger, Brandon’s mother went ahead to explain that her son Brandon is everything a mother could hope for in a son, that before she accepted to marry Raymond, she was a single mother and knew that her son was her number one priority.

Brandon is a smart man who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts degree from Morehouse College and then got his Master’s degree in Professional Studies and Sports Industry Management.

Who are Brandon Huger’s Parent?

Though Raymond Huger is not Brandon’s biological father, yet he took him as his own son. Karen, who happens to be Brandon’s mother was dating Raymond when they opened up about kids. The pair both agreed that children are a gift that should be treasured. And when Brandon and Ray met, there was an instant father-son connection between the two. At that time, Karen knew she could teach her son many things except one, and that was how to be a man. And when she saw Ray bonding with her son, she knew he would be a perfect father for her child. Now the father-son duo shares a special bond which we are sure they will cherish for the end of time.

Karen and Raymond are both quite close to their kids and love spending time with them.

What Does He Do For A Living?

Brandon Huger is quite a well qualified man who once worked as a Business intelligence Consultant at Oracle from January of 2015 to May of 2016. As for now, he is currently working as an Analyst at Accenture.


Brandon Huger is a man of privacy. He lives a comfortable life outside the limelight and the media’s attention. Brandon shares a lovely relationship with his parents and half-sister Rayvin, and has quite turned out to be a son worthy of the pride of his father and mother. Raymond is proud of how his son has grown to become a lovely and brilliant person with such a wonderful attitude to life.