Meet The Undertaker’s First Wife, Jodi lynn Calaway

Meet The Undertakers First Wife Jodi Lynn Calaway

Jodi is the ex-wife of WWE legend The Undertaker. Since came into limelight after her marriage to The Undertaker, as there is not much that is known about her early life or family. Jodi is American by nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

The famous former wife of The Undertaker, Jodi Lynn’s life, is more mysterious than her husband’s dramatic suspense. However, she stands at 5 feet six inches (1.70 m) and weighs around 57 kg (125 pounds). On top of that, she has an appealing personality and lovely qualities. From what exists on the internet, Jodi is a stunning woman both in appeal and character.

Who Was Jodi Lynn Calaway’s First Husband?

WWE famous The Undertaker was the first husband of Jodi Lynn Calaway. He was born with the birthname of Mark William Calaway on March 241965, in Housten, Texas, the United States, and is 57 years of age as of 2022.

American professional wrestler Mark William Calaway, aka The Undertaker, has been married three times, starting with the first one to Jodi Lynn Calaway. Dressed in dark apparel, theatrically donning the stage became the trademark of ‘The Undertaker.’ Arguably one of the best wrestlers in WWE history, the eerie ambiance and haunting chimes made our childhood memories terrifying but entertaining at the same time.

Many are not familiar with the real life of this famous wrestler. He has been successful in keeping the lid close on his personal life.

Meet The Undertakers First Wife Jodi Lynn Calaway

Jodi Lynn Calaway first husband, The Undertaker.

What Does Jodi Lynn Calaway Do for A Living?

Jodi lives a luxurious life and has enough money when it comes to finances. But unfortunately, her professional life seems to have been overshadowed by her ex-husband’s fame. So far, it is unclear what she does for a living.

On the other hand, her ex-partner is a successful wrestler of all time which we mentioned above. He is popular worldwide for his profession as a WWF/E wrestler who began his career by working in various gimmicks for World Class Championship Wrestling. Later, after winning numerous championships, he signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF, turned WWE) in 1990 gaining huge acclaim as The Undertaker later in his career.


The ring legend, The Undertaker, and Jodi Lynn tied the knot in the year 1989, the same year when The Undertaker at a time, known by the name Mark William joined World Championship Wrestling. The couple started their marital life on a good point and were living blissfully. After 4 years, they welcomed their child together. But as time passed, their relationship started deteriorating and it ended with a divorce in the year 1999. The former couple lived in their marriage for ten years and eventually separated.  Jodi never married again. At the time of the divorce, her son was just a 7-year-old kid, and she reportedly chose to focus on her kid instead of getting married the second time. Together with her husband, Jodi Lynn gave birth to a son whom they named Gunner Vincent Calaway in the month of August 1992. Coming up to the year 2023, Jodi’s only son has already celebrated his 30 years birth anniversary. The Undertaker’s first wife Jodi is completely out of social media. She neither has her account on Instagram nor on Facebook and Twitter. She is living a very private life.