Meet The Young Basketball Star, Mickey Williams’ Sister

Who is Mickey Williams?

Mickey is a strong basketball player with a compact combo guard and an offensive-minded player who uses his athleticism to outsmart his opponents.

Meet The Young Basketball Star Micky Williams Sister
Mickey Williams

In addition, he is an excellent ball handler and can exploit cracks in any defence to score points. While many people have a lot of expectations of the boy, his family has tried to manage those expectations and allowed him to take one step at a time.

Does Mikey Williams Have A Sister?


Yes he does, Mikey Williams’ sister is Skye Williams. Skye Williams is 15 years old as of 2022. Like her parents, Skye is an athlete who plays softball. She is a nationally ranked softball player and currently plays as a freshman in her school.

Her excellent work as an athlete has opened doors for her, and she has thus far received scholarships from several institutions, including Oklahoma, Washington State, and UCLA.


Mikey Williams’ brother is Marvin Williams. He is the youngest in the family at 14 years old. Marvin is also an athlete and plays basketball. However, he is in middle school and lives with his parents.


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