Michael Phelps Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Career, Height, Net Worth, Weed Addiction

Michael Phelps Biography Wikipedia Age Education Career Height Net Worth Weed Addiction

Learn About Michael Phelps Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Career, Height, Net Worth, Weed Addiction and May More

Buds from marijuana sativa seeds can be an excellent pre-workout booster. No wonder the camera caught Michael Phelps and weed.

Despite this controversy, the now-retired swimmer is generally drama-free, charitable, and praise-worthy. Let’s talk about his full biography.


Profile Summary

Before looking at the swimmer’s personal life, career, public activities, and Michael Phelps’ pot use, here’s a quick bio summary.

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Michael Fred


June 30, 1985

37 years old




$100 million

Michael Phelps: Personal Life

Phelps was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended elementary, middle, and high school in the Towson suburb. He’s the youngest of three children; his parents divorced when he was nine. His relationship with his father suffered after the event.


The athlete began swimming when he was seven to release excess energy, the first symptom of his later ADHD diagnosis. He held a national record for his age group when he was ten and soon started training at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. That was the birth of his career.


He wasn’t a perfectly clean athlete, though. At 19, he got arrested for drunk driving. Five years later, a photograph of Michael Phelps and marijuana went viral, leading to a three-month suspension from his club. He called his behavior inappropriate but faced another DUI and speeding charge at 29.


The swimmer is married to Nicole Johnson, former Miss California. The two secretly eloped in 2016 and reported their marriage only four months later. They now have three sons and live a picture-perfect life in Arizona. For this happy couple, every day is like Valentine’s.


Associates describe Phelps as solitary, rigid, and focused when training but otherwise kind-hearted and invested. His sporting idols are Michael Jordan and Ian Thorpe.


Michael Phelps: Swimming Career

The fuss surrounding Michael Phelps, weed, and alcohol didn’t hinder his sporting career. He qualified for the 2000 Olympics, becoming the youngest male to enter the American Olympic swim team in 68 years. He didn’t win a medal, but he did make the finals.


He broke the world record in the World Aquatics Championship Trials a year later. He made history that day, becoming the youngest male to set a swimming world record.


Unlike Aziz Ali, Phelps fared well at the Olympics. He’s the most-decorated athlete in the history of the international sporting event, with 28 medals, 23 of which are gold. In addition, seven of his swims broke previous world record times.


Phelps decided to retire after the 2012 Olympics and publicly proclaimed he wanted to do nothing more with the sport. Fans were surprised when he returned for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics to cap off his iconic career.


Michael Phelps: Mental Health

It doesn’t seem that Michael Phelps’ drug use was only for fun and relaxation. Upon retiring, the swimmer spoke about his troublesome psychological states and coping mechanisms, including cannabis.


Phelps first started experiencing symptoms of ADHD and depression in his teens. His several run-ins with the law have to do with this fact. In 2018, he told Mic he self-medicated with alcohol and marijuana to numb negative emotions.


In 2016, Phelps opened up about depression and asked for professional help. Today, he’s a mental health advocate vocally encouraging folks to seek treatment. He’s also calling on the US Olympic Committee to provide more support to struggling athletes.


Michael Phelps’ addiction and mental health struggles inspired further action. He sits on the Talkspace online therapy service board, seeking to make psychological support more easily accessible.


Michael Phelps: Philanthropy

The swimmer received a $1 million bonus after the 2008 Olympics and used the funds to set up the Michael Phelps Foundation. The organization focuses on promoting swimming and healthier living through sports.


In 2010, the Foundation piloted the ‘IM’ program. This five-tier campaign promotes swimming, wellness through movement, goal-setting, and healthy competition for folks of all ages. It has since led national programs for youth education and socio-emotional development.


Michael Phelps smoked weed as an unhealthy coping strategy; accepting his diagnosis allowed him not to abuse the plant. Following that realization, he joined Medibio; an innovative company focused on analyzing mental health disorders.

Michael Phelps: Height

The success of this legendary swimmer is partly due to his physical proportions. He’s 6 ft 4 in tall and weighs 194 lb, with a lean body for effortless movement through the water.


Michael Phelps: Net Worth

According to estimates, Phelps’ swimming career earned him $9.3 million annually. With brand endorsements, the figure tops $10 million. The Baltimore athlete has also made money from winning Olympic medals. His net worth currently seems to surpass $100 million.


A Record-Setting Human

Although no longer collecting gold medals, Phelps remains worthy of accolades. His work with children and people struggling with mental health shows his character and ideals. The fact he’s also the world’s best athlete is only a bonus to being a fantastic human.

Now that he’s on top of his mental health, reports of Michael Phelps smoking weed may crop up again. After all, the plant appears to support well-being as long as you don’t misuse it. You can also buy seeds, grow marijuana, and use it responsibly.

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