Most Popular Togolese Beauty Queens On Social Media

Social networks have taken a great extent in our society. Most of the world’s population is connected. Between communications, fun and relaxation, others also use social networks to expand their business. The case for our Togolese beauty queens who thanks to the networks share their activities throughout their mandates to their communities.



It is obvious that the life of a miss is crowned with travel, work, accomplishment of humanitarian projects. Our ambassadors share their bling-bling miss life with their followers on a daily basis. And also their activities after the crown. Some queens have become entrepreneurs, business owners, mothers and brand ambassadors. While others pursue their studies which do not prevent them from being close to their communities.

Here is a list of the famous misses that Togo has known:


1 – Miss Togo 2018: Ichabatou gnongbo tchoro 86.3k

2 – Finalist at Miss Togo 2019: Diana djadd 76.5k

3 – Miss Togo 2019 : Aïda yombo 51,6k

4 – Miss Togo 2015 : Gaëlle adzoh 40,6k

5 – Miss Togo 2022 : Estelle tossou 25,9k

6 – 1st runner-up Miss Togo 2009 : Vanessa Debi 20,2k

7 – Miss Togo 2016 : Balbina d’Almeida 19,5k

8 – 3rd Runner-up Miss Togo 2019 : Jondoh romita 19,5k

9 – Miss Togo fair play 2022 : Florence ekoh 15k

10 – 2nd runner-up Miss Togo 2019: Amandine Didi 14,6 k

11 – 4th runner-up Miss Togo 2015 : Miss Barbie 14,2k

12 – Miss Togo 2017 : Cornelia adomayakpor 13,9k



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