Mumtaz Naseem Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Career Choices and Net Worth

Mumtaz Naseem is an Indian Poet who emits energy into the room when she stands on stage with a microphone in her hands.

Profile Summary

Full Name Mumtaz Naseem
Gender Female
Date of Birth 17 September 1982
Nationality Indian
Occupation Poet, Writer, Author, and Singer
Net Worth $1.5 million

Early Life of Mumtaz Naseem

Mumtaz Naseem was born on 17th of September 1982 in Aligarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. She is an Indian Poet, Writer, Author & Singer who is known for her Hindi/Urdu poetry.

Mumtaz Naseem Biography Nationality Family Life Career Choices And Net Worth
Mumtaz Naseem

Career Life of Mumtaz Naseem


Mumtaz is a well-known Hindi/Urdu poet, writer and singer. She is the most devout Kavi sammelan (meeting of poets) poetess. In concert, she performs Ghazals, Geet and Nazms. Her muktaks (quotes) and phrases have been ingrained in the minds of today’s youth. While reciting poetry, Mumtaz Naseem is impressive and easy on both the ears and mind.At Kavi Sammelans all over India, Mumtaz Naseem has performed her poetry in over 1,000Kavi Sammelans and Mushairas.Mumtaz Naseem’s path isn’t simply restricted to Kavi Sammelans in India.Instead, she’s frequently invited to participate in Mushairas from Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan, Oman, and other UAE countries. People like to hold Kavi sammelans on special occasions and anniversaries. During their yearly events and fests, Kavi Sammelans are also held in prestigious engineering, medical, and management colleges.

Mumtaz Naseem Net Worth

Mumtaz Naseem is an International Poet, Writer, Author, and Singer who has achieved success in her work thus far. Her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, though she has yet to declare her true worth herself.


Mumtaz Naseem’s articles and poems are published in various newspapers and journals. She has performed in several countries. Although she is famous, she has kept her personal life private; she seems to dislike being in the spotlight.


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