Those days have indeed gone away when buying a car was considered a luxury. Now, cars have become a necessity of our lives. If you live in Mumbai, you may feel the necessity of having a car more than anyone. But as people’s financial situation is changing, so is the price of the car. With the growing financial growth, the newly-manufactured cars’ price has increased too.

But with the growing popularity of used cars, you can also consider buying an old car if you reside anywhere in Mumbai. But if you think buying a used car can take a toll on you, it is time to get some authentic information.

Why Would You Want to Purchase Old Cars in Mumbai?

Living in a crowded city like Mumbai is not always a simple task. Most Mumbai residents prefer old cars to avoid overly crowded trains. Here are some fundamental reasons as to why Mumbaikers buy old cars:

  • Mumbai, being an expensive city, always offers cars at a high price. Sometimes, the price is unaffordable. Since people always try to avoid extra expenses, they are more keen on buying old cars.
  • Old cars in Mumbai come in various brands, colours and models. Most of all, they are affordable, making people more interested in buying already-used cars.
  • Depreciation rate is one of the most significant aspects of opting for an old car. New cars tend to lose their worth within 3 to 5 years after buying the same. However, since an old car has already surpassed the depreciation stage, a car enthusiast can get a better value when purchasing an old car.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Already Used Vehicle

An already used car has several risks attached. That is why a car purchaser requires a lot of knowledge even before considering buying a used car.

1. Conducting A Study

Conducting a study on a new car is common. However, a lot of car enthusiasts may deny conducting a study on a used car. So, we suggest you go through a car’s specifications, present price, etc. It assists a buyer in finding the right used car.

2. Contacting The Right Provider

There are various used car providers currently available in Mumbai. While some car dealers offer various used cars from different brands, some private sellers offer cars at multiple prices. You need to find a suitable place and contact them for the best deal.

3. A Fixed Budget Is Important

Budget is one of the most deciding factors when buying something. But if you intend to buy an old car, you must consider your budget first. Ensure you have more than you need to opt for a used vehicle before you contact a car dealer.

4. Check The Car’s Parts

Just like the car’s value depreciates, its different parts get affected as well. Its engine may get affected, and its steering wheel, airbags, windshield, etc., may be negatively affected. That is why we suggest you investigate all the parts of the vehicle. You can check the car’s different interior and exterior parts and find out if the car is in proper working order.

5. Take Care of The Documents

Buying a used car requires a lot of paperwork. The seller needs to transfer the documents to the buyer during the purchase. That is why you, as a buyer, must ensure that the seller you contact for a car purchase has all the documents updated. So, get the valid documents like Registration certificate, Insurance certificate, Pollution under Control certificate, etc., updated and transferred to your name while purchasing the car.

6. Conduct A Test Drive

A second-hand car is more prone to damage than anything else. Moreover, a seller hides the possible flaws by painting or waxing the car before making an offer. But you will never know the underlying flaws of the car until you drive it yourself.

While driving the car, you can understand the present condition of the car’s engine. How it speeds, performs if you drive it at multiple speeds, etc. But, you will get to know all the possible problems and see the car’s condition by yourself. So, conduct a test drive before making the final purchase.

7. Take Help from the Mechanic

Buying a used car is a difficult process. Most importantly, there is a high chance of getting fooled by experienced car sellers. Sometimes, the car may have several flaws that you can overlook. It may happen even more if you are a novice car buyer. That is why contacting a reliable and experienced car mechanic who is able to check the car thoroughly is a wise decision

8. Work on Negotiation

Anything you want to buy requires good negotiation skills. When it comes to buying a used car, you should work on negotiation skills more than anything else. The seller would offer you a price. But it would be best if you remembered that the car has maintenance expenses after you purchase the car, not to mention that the car may have various other problems. So, work on your negotiation skills and talk to the seller about the price accordingly.

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9. Ensure to Have The Servicing History Report

An already used vehicle is more prone to defects than anything else. The old cars get involved in various accidents, which cause damages to the vehicle. The repeated involvement in accidents can damage the car’s engine, wheels, steering wheel, etc. As a result, you may have to invest a large amount of money on repairing different parts of the vehicle. It will prove to be unprofitable for you.

A broken used vehicle will also show some issues after the purchase. So, if you want to get rid of any unwanted surprises later on, it is better to ask for the servicing record you wish to buy. It will save you a considerable amount of money.

Methods of Buying Old Cars

There are two methods of purchasing used cars in Mumbai: online and offline. We have mentioned both processes below:

Online Method

There are various online car selling platforms available on the internet that offer the best old cars to buyers. You can create an account and go through the listed used cars present on those online platforms. Once you find out the price of the car, you can give an offer to the seller, and if you both are on the same terms, You can go ahead with the purchase.

Offline Method

If you are unable to rely on any online platform, opting for an offline method is also an option. You can choose a car seller or a private old car dealer and contact them if you want to make any purchase. Once any car seems suitable to you, talk to the car seller and conduct a test drive. If everything is perfect according to you, you can purchase the car and complete the transfer process of the required documents.


A used car is one of the most essential things today. Those who prefer to have a car but prefer to invest in a wise way choose to buy old cars. If you live in Mumbai and want to get an old car, you can contact any reliable car seller and make the buying process simple and pocket-friendly.


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