Ndot Spinalot Biography, Nationality, Real Name, Professional Life and Net Worth

Ndot is a rapper who emerged onto the scene in 2022 thanks in large part to his breakout hit “Bestie.” He released a total of eight singles in 2022. He is known for his quick flow and his drill rapping style.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ethan Noel
Popular Name Ndot Spinalot
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2008
Nationality American
Occupation Rapper

 Early Life of Ndot Spinalot

Ndot Spinalot is a young superstar who was born in the year 2008. He was born in the United States of America, he was born in 2008. The rapper Ndot Ndot Spinalot has not yet disclosed his real name and appears to be at ease using the moniker “Ndotspinalot.” The rapper collaborates on stage with rat baby, a well-known American rapper. While many of the rapper’s followers are cheering him on, others argue that he is too young for what he has undertaken.

Ndot Spinalot Biography Nationality Real Name Professional Life And Net Worth
Ndot Spinalot

What Is Ndot Spinalot’s Real Name?


Ndot Spinalot’s real name is Ethan Noel, claims a YouTube video. The video contains highlights from one of streamer Noti’s live streams. The video debuted on December 1, 2022, shows a video call between Noti and Ndot. The streamer is repeatedly attempting to urge the rapper to make a mistake and divulge his name during the video call, which is being aired on his Twitch channel.

Ultimately, the rapper slips up and tells Noti and his listeners that his real name is Nathan. It turns out that this is a scam, as many commenters, Myrtle Simone foremost among them, tell readers that Ndot’s real name is Ethan Noel, and that this information was made available to the public about two months ago.

The rapper has repeatedly stated in interviews before that he will not reveal his real name, but he has not yet confirmed whether or not that is the moniker he goes by. Myrtle’s claim, however, has received a lot of support from viewers who commented on the aforementioned video.

Career Path of Ndot Spinalot

Ndot is a rapper who recently started rapping. Even though the rapper has only recently started rapping, the New York Drill scene has taken notice of him. Ndot’s relevance has increased as a result of him being courted for an interview by a number of rap networks.

This is largely because of his music, yet it’s also because of his many conflicts with the late rapper Notti Osama and his group SugarHill DDT. Even though the rapper only started releasing music in October of last year, there are over 200K monthly Spotify subscribers. Despite only having two videos on his YouTube site, Ndot has more than 5.18K subscribers. The rapper usually releases his videos on the Raps & Hustles YouTube channel, where Bestie has collected over 4 million views.


The first song Ndot released to his Soundcloud page and Spotify account was the 2022 song “RPT,” which features JustoGzz. He previously posted to his Ndot_spinalot47 Instagram and ndotspinalot4747 TikTok pages, but has since created new accounts since the originals were deleted.

He launched a self-titled YouTube channel where he has posted some of his music. The first post on the channel was a music video for the song “EOS,” a collaboration with Tjay Gunz, Tone Hound, and Ace Gunz.


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