Netflix: 13 Anime Series Arrive On The Streaming Platform

Netflix: 13 Anime Series Arrive On The Streaming Platform, a joy for Otakus!



The JapAnim’s world is growing up over the years. It is now Netflix’s turn to be interested in it, for the greatest pleasure of its subscribers.


Anime and series have absolutely no need to prove themselves to the public anymore, and of course Netflix is very interested in this industry. Fortunately, this isn’t about polishing them up, but about bringing several franchises directly to the platform.


There’s a certain spark between the two

We’re clear: the anime is successful and diversifies smoothly, sometimes leaning towards delirium on a subtle philosophical work. Fans of the genre will be delighted to learn that Netflix intends to please them even more with a new partnership with the distributor Nippon TV. Once again, Nippon TV is the main TV channel in Japan, with anime as its specialty.


With this formal agreement, Netflix is establishing its place in the Japanese pop culture scene, and when such a giant wants to enter the market, it will obviously have to be very careful.


13 listed

So, you’re asking yourself, “What’s new in the Netflix catalog?”. Thanks to the famous agreement with Nippon TV, no less than 13 new licenses will appear on the SVOD platform.


On our list:

Rampage with episode 25

Girl with episode 47

Hunter x Hunter 38 episodes

Episode 74 Monsters

Claymore Episode 26

Death Note: Revived and Death Note: Revived 2

Death Note Episode 37

United Arab Emirates; Orchid High School Boarding Club


Akane Inoue of Nippon TV aptly stated, “Anime has been the driving force of Nippon TV for many years, and we have produced popular anime works such as “Hunter x Hunter”, “Death Note” and so on. Very popular, the timing of “An exciting partnership with Netflix could not be better. I’m sure anime fans will be talking about these games all over the world.”


In addition, we have a date and information on streaming: Hunter x Hunter and High School Host Club in 104 countries and Claymore in 136 countries will be on Netflix tomorrow.


Good news for Otakus in the new season of Netflix.

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