The police are still investigating the murder of Nick Gereffi. He was an associate at Bowling Miscia Casting in NY. He worked hard on YOU all season. We’re looking for anyone with information to come forward and help us solve this case!

Nick Gereffi Profile Summary

Full Name Nick Gereffi
Age 34 years old (2022)
 Gender Male
Date Of Birth 8th August 1984
Date of Death December 2017
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Nationality American

He was a popular guy, so everyone is asking the same question. We’re here to answer it for you.

You won’t believe what happened! It all started when he went out on his boat one day… and never came back. His body washed up on shore days later, but no one knows exactly how or why this tragedy occurred. All we know is that it wasn’t an accident – someone killed him! And now they are still at large in the community of Lakeville, Minnesota. If you have any information about who did this to Nick Gereffi, please contact your local police department immediately! This person must be brought to justice before they can hurt anyone else in our town! The safety of our citizens depends on it…and so does yours if you don’t come forward with information soon enough. Don’t let another murder happen because of your silence – act now and help us solve this case once and for all by contacting the authorities today!

Call 911 right away if you have any information about who murdered Nick Gereffi – do not hesitate or delay as time is critical in solving this case before more people get hurt!!



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