Nikki Hakuta Biography, Age, Nationality, Early Life, Famous Mother and Her Father

Nikki Hakuta Biography Age Nationality Early Life Famous Mother And Family

Nikki Hakuta is one of the two daughters Ali Wong has with her former husband Justin Hakuta. The two met at a wedding in 2010, and by 2014, they got married. Yet, their marriage hasn’t survived a decade, as they got divorced recently.

Profile Summary

Real Name: Nikki Hakuta
Gender Female
Nationality Filipino-Japanese
Mother Ali Wong
Father Justin Hakuta
Occupation Celebrity Child
Sibling Mari Hakuta
Famous as Daughter of Ali Wong

Early Life of Nikki Hakuta

Nikki Hakuta is Ali’s second child with Justin, a Filipino-Japanese entrepreneurwho is the Vice President of an American healthcare company called GoodRx.

Nikki Hakuta Biography Age Nationality Early Life Famous Mother And Family

Ali Wong

Nikki was born in 2017, but her exact birth date is also not known. While Ali is open about her relationship with Justin, she is quite secretive about her daughters. She wants to protect them from the media spotlight.

Who Is Nikki Hakuta’s Mother?

Nikki’s famous mother is Alexandra Dawn Wong. Ali is an American stand-up comedian and actress. She is most famous for her Netflix specials, Baby Cobra, Hard Knock Wife, and Don Wong.

Alexandra Wong was born in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Born in April 1982, she was the youngest of four children. Ali had a Vietnamese mother. Her mother, Tam Tammy Wong, relocated from Hue in 1960 to work as a social worker in the US. Ali’s father is Chinese-American, called Adolphus Wong. He was an anesthesiologist who worked for Kaiser Permanente for 30 years.
Ali gained popularity for her appearance in television shows like American Housewife, Inside Amy Schumer, Black Box, and more. She served as the writer for the first three seasons of the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. In 2020, Time magazine put her on the list of 100 most influential people.

What Happened To Her Parent’s  Marriage?

Wong and Justin Hakuta first met in 2010. They were both attending a wedding in California. Justin is the Vice president of Products of GoodRx and the son of inventor Ken Hakuta.

Ali and Justin got married in 2014, and soon after they welcomed their children. They have two daughters, Mari Hakuta and Nikki Hakuta.

Before giving birth to her first daughter, Ali had a miscarriage with twins. Making jokes about her miscarriage has helped her cope with the problem.

In April 2022, Ali and Justin announced they filed for divorce. They were married for nearly eight years, and have two children together. Mari Hakuta is the older daughter, born in 2015. Nikki was born in 2017.

Wong speaks openly about her relationship in her Netflix specials. Her husband is a Harvard Business School graduate.


In her latest comedy special, Don Wong,she acknowledged “how being the breadwinner of my family has turned me into a 50-year-old man”. She also joked about how she wants to cheat on her husband after nearly a decade together.

She also says he saw something in her before she was famous. Speaking about it, Wong said, “He was smart enough to choose me, to invest in me when I was 20 pounds heavier, had chronic acne and no money. He bought low, and if we get divorced, he gonna sell high”.