Nipon Goswami Biography; Age, Career, Family, Death, Net Worth

Famous veteran Assamese actor Nipon Goswami recently shocked his fans and well wishers with the news of his death

Profile Summary on Nipon Goswami

Full Name Nipon Goswami
Profession Indian actor and theatre artist associated with Assamese-language films
Born September 1947
Died 27 October 2022
Age 80 years
Networth $1 million

Nipon Goswami Biography Age Career Family Death Net Worth

Who was Nipon Goswami?


Nipon Goswami was an Indian Entertainer and Theater craftsman related with Assamese-language films who died at 80 years.  In the world of Assamese Entertainment Industry, his name represents one of the most glorious eras of Assamese cinema. He is the first formally trained actor of the Assamese Film Industry and credited with acting in the highest number of Assamese films, serials, stage shows, television serials. He has spent more than 50 years in this industry.

Early life of Nipon Goswami

Nipon Goswami was born in September 1947 at Kolibari in Tezpur. Born to a family with a deep-rooted interest in the arts, his father Chandradhar Goswami was a famous actor of his times while his mother, Nirupama Goswami, was a versatile singer. He did his schooling from Kolibari Lower Primary School and Tezpur Government High School. After completing his graduation, he went to the FTII in 1965 and graduated to become the first professionally trained Assamese actor to work in Assamese films. He was an effective individual who acquired distinction in his profession.

nipon goswami

Career Life of Nipon Goswami

He saw the camera for the first time in 1957 on the sets of Piyali Phukan, directed by Phani Sharma. His father played a part in that movie and Nipon Goswami had a small role as a child artist. That was the first time he got to know what cinema is. After that, he got busy in studies and cinema took a back seat although he was involved in theatre and stage performances.

While in the final year at Pune FTI, Nipon Goswami received a letter from late Amar Pathak with an offer to play the lead role in his film, Sangram, which was based on one of his novels. he went to Kolkata for the shoot and that marked the beginning of his cinematic journey. Sangram was released in 1968.

After Sangram, Goswami worked in Dr. Bezbaruah directed by Brajen Baruah, which was a record-creating movie. That movie was the turning point in his career and there has been no looking back since then.

He grew up watching performances of the Ban Theatre near his house and somehow that interest made him perform in plays. He has performed in several mobile theatres like Kohinoor, Hengul and Abahan and feels that they have helped him develop as an actor.

Nipon Goswami has acted in more than 8 Bollywood films till date. His latest film released was 18.11 – A Code of Secrecy directed by Mohibul Haque. Some of his Bollywood releases are Damini, Do Bhai, Do Anjaane etc.

Subhash Ghai, Navin Nischol, Shatrughan Sinha etc. were his classmates when he was studying FTII, Pune.

Nipon Goswami Family Life


                                                           Nipon Goswami and son

Goswami lost his wife Ranjita Goswami around one and half years back. She was the pillar of strength and support for him.

His son Siddhartha Goswami is a software engineer by profession and lives in Mumbai. But he is deeply interested in films and might soon take up a few film offers. He performed very well in Mission China and has kept the family’s legacy in acting alive. His wife, Kinkini, is also an artist and is into acting.

The Death of Nipon Goswami

Famous veteran Assamese actor Nipon Goswami passed away at Nemcare Hospital in Guwahati on Thursday morning due to heart-related issues. The Sangram actor’s health deteriorated on Monday, which was Diwali. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. He was kept in the ICU under constant observation by the doctors.

Nipon Goswami die because of cardiovascular failure . His fans are concerned in the wake of hearing this news. Numerous famous people are showing their sympathy to the dispossessed family.

Nipon Goswami died at 80 years. Nobody would have expected that he would die out of nowhere. Be that as it may, everything relies upon god’s hand. Beneath you can check the Nipon Goswami memoir for a speedy get past about the Indian entertainer and theater craftsman related with Assamese-language films.

Nipon Goswami Eulogy Nipon Goswami tribute and the passing were generally looked through internet based by individuals hearing the demise data.

Lately, Nipon Goswami’s passing was ridden by numerous people. More often than not web hoodwinks the audience by passing news about a sound individual as though they are dead. Yet, the data introduced with respect to Nipon Goswami is valid, and we found a couple of strings on Twitter regarding a lot of data about Nipon Goswami’s tribute.

Net Worth of Nipon Goswami

Nipon’s monthly salary is approximately $80K – USD $85k. Invariably, his net worth is estimated to be around $4 million- $6 million USD.


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