Nigerian Movie industry colloquially known as Nollywood has grown over the years to become the second largest film industry. We Recently, As Our Audience to Tell us one thing that made you to dislike Nigeria movies. and this is what they said:


  1. As soon as the movie start they’ll start singing and explain everything that will happen in the movie. They will be like ” whatever you are doing to ur brother now, you will suffer at last.

_Samuel Chukwuebuka


  1. Lack of new ideas and not adapting to 21st century movies.

_Raphael Onyebueke


  1. The guys are telling us our stories…
    Nothing new, he was poor, then the girl refused him , then he later
    became rich and the girl wanted a second chance.. Which Kind play is that?

_Echehum Chidimma Opara


  1. So one I watched last the ghost disappeared and forgot her bag, she reappeared the guy she was tormenting asked her why she came back,she said she forgot her bag that she came to collect it and she took the bag and vanished, where Una see that kind thing happen?

_Obi Chukwuemeka


  1. They opened casket and the corps was seriously sweating

_Nana Helen


6.When i saw a ghost knocking to enter a house, That the last time I stop watching Nollywood.


_Chinaza Emeh


  1. Background sounds.poir sound quality.
    The songs that tell u all about the movie Person go waka from house to market and back camera deh follow deh show us… Unnecessarily long scenes..of talking senseless things. To much childish drama.

_Uchechi  Achick is those agbonma..


8.Hmmm Nigeria movie wahala dey Too much… Arm robbers go bank rob CCTV camera wey de inside bank no show them as them de Rob but e go show when them de inside bush with money abeg who mount CCTV for bush.

_Bliss Nelson


9.Lack of research, Their story line is predictable,no suspense.
Most of them are disappointing after so much publicity.

_Jennifer Aghadike


  1. They portray so much fakeness.
    A lot of them don’t add value after watching them.
  • Lucy Delight Udeorun Ukuma


  1. The way they do kiss, romance it spoil children.

– Sammy best


  1. They are always acting one thing in different format, which is annoying.. Only four people can act a whole movie.
    Haba are they managing actors

_ Esther Okoronkwo


13.Their lie is not mature, electric pole in even forest, I will shot you and u will die just shot and be quiet, in
Nollywood * is afraid to die they look road before crossing.

_Saint Kelly


  1. Nepa pole in evil forest, ghost falling on the ground while chasing a woman, angel of god having a tribal mark,shooting someone on the leg and having treatment on his arm in the hospital.

_Wisdom Otuosoro


15.Using 30-40 years old men/women to act teenage girls and secondary school girls. So annoying!

_Judith Ebere


  1. Where will I start from se!f….

1.The soundtrack is annoying.
2. The lyrics of songs used. For example: “Uwakwe, wetin dey worry u, ur broda don collect ur wife…u no no say na man u be oh, Uwakwe god go punish u”..So awful.
3. 80% of their storylines are on royalty (Palace, crowned prince, princes etc).
4. It’s dominated mostly by Igbo culture…Why don’t they try to make use of different cultures.
Infact, their wahala to much

_Morris Nwankwo


  1. From the beginning you can
    predict the ending. 20 years later compound fowl still alive.

_ Khal Mhee Timi


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