Not Minding His Facial Appearance, What is Damian Hurley’s True Sexuality?

Who is Damian Hurley?

Damian Hurley is the son of prominent actress Elizabeth Hurley. He is also an actor but is most famous as a model. He has been modeling since his teen life. Damian looks like both his father and mother. So there are both manly and girly vibes on his face.

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Damian’s face is unique. He has both his parents’ facial patterns, so when he gets a small boy-type haircut, he looks like an absolute man. But when he keeps his hair long and gives some feminine expression, anyone will believe he is gay or trans.

Is Damian Hurley Gay As Rumored?

Most people who know Damian Hurley or have seen his fashionable images will mistake him as gay. There are reasons why it’s hard to understand his sexuality when you first glance at him.

So till now, he didn’t label his sexuality or given an interview with the media about it. Without his confirmation, we can’t assume him to be gay. However, his love life hints that the model and actor are straight. One thing is for sure, Damian Hurley is straight. He is totally into women. 


Hurley posts almost all of his moments on his Instagram account, and we found pictures of him and a girl. In that image, he was hugging him, and both were laughing. Damian took his first love bite from this specific girlfriend but has not tagged her or shared her name but some photographs and video.


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