Obi Cubana Biography, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Family, Wife, Children, Career Path, Buisnesses and Net Worth

Obi Cubana is a wealthy Nigerian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Show Promoter and the CEO of Cubana Group.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu/Obi Cubana
Date of Birth 12 April 1975
Nationality Nigerian
Wife Ebere Iyiegbu
Occupation Nigerian Entrepreneur and Businessman
Net Worth $96 million.

Early Life of Obi Cubana

Iyiegbu was born on 12 April 1975 in Anambra and his mother is Ezinne Iyiegbu. He is from Oba in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State.


His early schooling was at Central Primary School before attending Dennis Memorial Grammar School for his secondary education. After his secondary education, he proceeded to the University of Nigeria Nsukka where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Obi Cubana Biography Wiki Age Nationality Family Wife Children Career Path Buisnesses And Net Worth
                                                                                 Obi Cubana

Career Path of Obi Cubana

Iyiegbu’s career as an entrepreneur started in 2006 when he founded a night club called Ibiza Club in Abuja. In 2009, he established a hospitality club called Cubana in Owerri, Imo State.

Obi Cubana’s establishments and businesses which were products of input from the Cubana group include:

  • Rolex Hotels – Lagos
  • Cubana Leisure Outfits
  • Pablo Cubana – Lagos
  • Crave Cubana – Abuja
  • Grand Cubana Hotels – Abuja
  • Opium Cubana – Owerri
  • Cubana Night Clubs – Lagos
  • Gustavo Cubana – Enugu

All of these creations propelled him forward for the great feat he has achieved today. This has earned him several awards of recognition of excellence.

How Did Obi Cubana Acquire His Wealth?

From this first attempt at a big business, Obi Cubana made an amazing impression which later made him successful. This feat encouraged him to build the Cubana group in 2009, a hospitality club that seeks to provide entertainment to satisfy much more people in a broader fashion.

Interestingly, he did this through the popular apprenticeship business model that saw many people working under him for an appointed time before being established on their own.

The Cubana group, first situated in Imo State, Owerri, Nigeria, has branches across various popular Nigerian states like Abuja, Enugu, and Lagos. A whole lot of Obi Cubana’s holdings came from the Cubana group, which became his big break into riches.

In this section of Obi Cubana Biography and net worth, we’ll share a list of establishments that came from the Obi Cubana group.

Obi Cubana Awards and Recognition

Obi Cubana began winning awards in 2016. Below is the list of awards he has won from then till date.

  • Young Entrepreneur of the year 2016
  • Nigeria Film corporation Entertainment as Icon Award 2017
  • Northern Nigeria Peace Builder of the year 2017 (Northern Nigeria Peace Summit/Award, 2017)
  • Inspiring Personality Award (Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award, 2017)
  • The RightVille School Special Leadership Award (May 2017)
  • Democracy Entrepreneur of The Year (Democracy Heroes Award, 2018)

Obi Cubana’s Marital Life

Obi Cubana is married. He met Ebele Iyiegbu, who became his wife, while he lived in a boys’ quarter in Abuja. Then, he was still working hard to make an impact on his career path.

Then in 2008, Obi Cubana married Ebele Iyiegbu. She’s a practising lawyer and a philanthropist. Ebele, Obi’s wife founded the KIEK foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which aims to improve the lives of less privileged children through enrolment for free education. It provides quality education, healthcare, nutrition, and child’s rights governance in a bid to achieve this.

Obi Cubana Biography Wiki Age Nationality Family Wife Children Career Path Buisnesses And Net Worth
Obi Cubana and Wife, Ebere Iyiegbu

With their union blessed with four sons (Alex, Ifeanyi, Ebube, Kosisochukwu), would always find it admirable to be called ‘mother of boys.’

Today, Ebele Iyiegbu, Obi’s wife, directs Casa Cubana homes and serves as CEO at The KIEK Foundation. She’s also a Legal Partner at Bryan Micheals & Associates.

Obi Cubana Controversy with Pastor Ntia

Obi Cubana was a humble man who kept his life away from public view as much as possible. He kept his profile and high-class status from the complexities of the media. But, when his mom’s burial happened, his fame could no longer be contained.

After the burial ceremony, the media was awash with lots of gossip. While some people’s claims appeared true, several others could pass for mere conjectures.

The first was about the cost of the ceremony. While some people estimated it to be up to $100,000, others believed it wasn’t close to that amount.

Among these observations was an outstanding one by Pastor Ntia.  Just like every other concerned Nigerian, Pastor Ntia also lends his own voice to the issues making the round.

However, some people said that his words were harsh and his comments unfair. That after all, Obi Cubana did not borrow money from anyone for the burial.

But the positive side of the story was that Mr Ntia later publicly apologized and admitted he had spoken badly of Obi Cubana. This was probably after he had heard about Mr Cubana’s humble beginning, his struggle through thick and thin before he made his first million.

Pastor Ntia added that his remarks were wrong and came out unripe as he didn’t take time to unravel the truth behind Mr Obi’s personality and background.

Finally, realizing his mistakes, he stressed that his primary assignment was to preach the Words of God, heal with words, and not hurt or discredit anyone.

Obi Cubana Assets (Cars and Houses)

Have you ever come across a lover of cars? By cars here, we’re talking of exotic cars. Let’s face it. The Obi Cubanas love cars.

Obi Cubana and his wife, each owns a Lexus LX. They’ve both been found in their spacious SUV having family trips and at times for individual functions. This particular Lexus LX has the following features:

  • A 5.7-liter V8
  • 403 lb-ft of torque3
  • An eye-catching LED illumination

Besides the Lexus LX, Obi Cubana also has a personal ride – the Mercedes Benz 4matic S450. Talking about the car, he added that he liked the car because of its simple design.

Finally, on Obi Cubana’s cars, he also has a Rolls Royce Phantom which he cruises around in. And his wife has also been spotted severally in a Range Rover Sport PHEV which she often uses for office work and other important locations.

Obi Cubana has a multi-million mansion which he recently completed. The interior decor of this mansion is mouth-watering and almost beyond the normal standards of a palace. This bespoke mansion has a private cinema, an underground wine cellar, a private pool, and several other amenities in the mansion.

Obi Cubana has a mansion in Abuja worth billions of naira. This was public when he invited his friends for a hangout time. He shared the video of himself and Joseph Ezeokafor, popularly known as Jowi Zaza in the building.

The house is almost completed, and it has a private cinema and pool, and an underground wine cellar among other mouthwatering features.

Obi Cubana Net Worth

Obi Cubana is currently among the richest personalities in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Coupled with the fact that he’s an entrepreneur and a promoter, his net worth estimates equals $96 million.


Talking about Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial. His mother died in November 2020, at the age of 75. To prepare for the burial celebration, 7 good months went into the planning. And when it eventually happened, it ended up the talk of the town. It was loud and extravagant. No doubt it attracted a lot of eyebrows.

On why he put so much energy into a burial, Obi explained that he had promised his mother a great 80th birthday and since she didn’t live to witness it, he had to give her a kind of burial that never existed.

In Oba Community of Anambra State where the burial took place, nothing of such ever occurred as the event in accord with his intent appears to be a mother of all burials. Even the living would love to die at the sight of the honor and ceremony given to the dead on this occasion!

Among the wonders of the day was the report that Obi Cubana got 346 cows, 72 goats, and 20 rams for his mother’s burial. But long before this, he had got 46 cows from his ex-employee, Cubana Chief Priest and 10 cows from his old-time friend and young billionaire, Jowi Zaza.

All in all, the Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial was one of a kind. Little wonder that it was named a celebration of money rather than the celebration of life.


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