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Very few people have the opportunity to be very wealthy especially when it comes to selecting winners through raffle draws,


This was the story of a young Nigerian celebrity

named Ola of Lagos after he won 2 million naira in a raffle draw and that changed his life forever. However, let’s take a brief look at Ola of Lagos biography:

Ola Of Lagos Biography

Waris Olayinka Akinwande, prominently known as Ola of Lagos was brought up in Lagos State. He was raised as a Muslim along with his brothers. Growing up was in a challenge for Ola of Lagos, as a result of this, he needed to figure out how to hustle from an extremely youthful age.

For his schooling, Ola of Lagos finished his primary and secondary school instruction in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ola of Lagos Career

Ola of Lagos got going as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos State. Nonetheless, he in some way or another appreciates vehicles a lot. Working in an area like Lekki afforded him the opportunity of seeing how Nigerian celebrities flaunt their expensive cars.

Ola of Lagos worked in the Lekki region, and through this, he was generally in touch with extravagant and intriguing vehicles driven by wealthy people in Nigeria.

Ola of Lagos BreakthroughOla of Lagos Biography

Being inventive, Ola of Lagos quickly began posting photos of these vehicles he was attracted to on his social media handle especially Instagram. He did this consistently till his number of likes and followers kept on rising.

By this, he was noticed by celebrity superstar Tunde Ednut. Tunde Ednut began sharing some of his photos and videos on his Instagram channel.

Ola of Lagos second help came when Tunde Ednut chose to reward his followers. Tunde Ednut declared that assuming his number of followers on the Instagram rise to 2 million, he would offer back that equivalent measure of cash to one lucky follower. Seeing the wild rivalry in settling for a winner, Tunde Ednut chose to pick the champ by a draw. Luckily, the draw arose with Ola of Lagos as the champ.

Ola Of Lagos AGE

Ola of Lagos is in his late 20s

Ola of Lagos Networth

Ola of Lagos has developing total assets of 5 million – 10 million in Nigerian Naira.

If you are among the people searching for Ola of Lagos Net Worth, then here is the information. Ola of Lagos net worth is estimated at 5 million – 10 million. Ola of Lagos has earned a decent amount of money from his career.

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