Oxygen is used in different ways in our daily lives

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Besides serving a vital role in life, oxygen is also used in various other ways in our daily lives. From hospitals to ambulances, it is used in a wide variety of ways to support our modern industrialized lifestyle.

One of the most important factors that contribute to the development of our modern civilization is the production of steel. This process requires a high concentration of oxygen.

Various industrial processes are used to produce high-purity oxygen. These include pressure swing adsorption, membrane separation, and cryogenic distillation. Steelmaking accounts for over half of all the oxygen that’s generated in the industrial sector.

In addition to being used in industrial processes, oxygen is also used in our daily lives to support other vital functions. In this article, I’ll talk about the various ways that oxygen helps us live our lives.

Snapshot of Oxygen as Element

Non-metallic gas oxygen is represented by the symbol O, and it has an atomic number of 8. The molecular oxygen O2 can only be found in the atmosphere.

Although oxygen supports combustion, it’s not combustible. It’s also highly reactive and can form compounds with other elements.

It’s believed that oxygen makes up around 21% of Earth’s atmosphere by weight and volume. Furthermore, it’s also said to make up around 2/3rd of the body of humans.

Importance of Oxygen

Due to its ability to support combustion, oxygen is widely used in various industrial sectors, such as chemical, medical, and heating.

In addition to supporting industrial processes, oxygen also plays a vital role in our daily lives, as it helps our bodies breathe.

Oxygen’s importance in humans cannot be emphasized enough, as it accounts for around 65% of the body’s weight.

As we breathe, oxygen is absorbed into our bloodstream, and it’s taken to the various cells in our body to release heat and energy for our daily tasks.

It’s important that we maintain a steady supply of oxygen to ensure that we have a continuous flow of energy.

Important Uses of Oxygen

Industrial Uses or Applications of Oxygen

The steelmaking industry is known to use the most oxygen when it’s converting carbon dioxide into a type of gas.

This process is carried out in a blast furnace at high temperatures. Through the reaction, the iron oxide content is reduced and transformed into compounds that are purer.

Biomedical Applications or Uses of Oxygen

For living things, oxygen is needed for respiration to generate energy from food oxidization. It is also utilized to treat people with low oxygen levels.

Individuals suffering from certain illnesses, such as cystic fibrosis or COPD, require oxygen to function properly. This allows them to carry out their daily chores efficiently, burning ingested food to generate energy.

In certain medical procedures, such as surgery, oxygen is required to be administered to patients through an external source to ensure that their vital functions continue.

Resuscitation procedures require the use of oxygen, and it is commonly used in situations where breathing requires supplemental oxygen. High-altitude athletes need to carry an oxygen cylinder when the pressure drops significantly.

Use of Oxygen in the Aerospace Industry

In aerospace, oxygen is commonly used in the production of rocket propulsion systems. Liquefied oxygen is used to generate thrust after reacting with hydrogen. In spacesuits, astronauts wear oxygen-enriched clothes.

An oxygen system is a type of device that stores or generates a supply of oxygen and then distributes it to passengers or crew, as it can be installed in most commercial and military aircraft. The type of aircraft that it is used for will depend on the requirements of the operation and the type of environment it is in.