Hottest Photos Of 4 Female BBNaija Star’s

It is never easy to maintain positive momentum as a women’s brand, but some of the female stars of BBNaija seem to be navigating the road to success with great confidence.

They are not only increasing their fan base, but also turning into viable brands.

Not only are they the pride of the BBNaija house, but they are among the most valuable women’s brands

1 Ka3naKa3na


Her full name is Katrina Jones, but she is affectionately known as Ka3na, and she is practically a fun-loving personality. While she likes to embrace the fun side of things, she has also focused on building her presence as a premium brand. Currently, she is making great strides as an entrepreneur and brand influencer. Ka3na also enjoys very good impressions as a fashionista. Interestingly, her strong point seems to be her unwavering confidence in success, no matter what the odds.

2 Mercy EkeMercy eke

Arguably, Mercy Eke, aka Mercy Lambo, aka ‘Queen Highlights’, is widely regarded as the most valuable female housemate in the history of the BBNaija franchise. She is a young woman who is often strategic in achieving her goals, and that is a big part of what defines her personality. Of course, let me mention that Mercy Eke remains the first and ONLY woman to win BBNaija’s grand prize in its 6 seasons. Currently, she acts as an actress, beauty brand influencer, entrepreneur and fashion brand. Her forte seems to be a combination of her enviable beauty and passion.

3 AngelAngel

Interestingly, Angel Smith, aka Angel, is a charming personality with outspoken thoughts. At times, some of her thoughts on matters of common interest tend to divide public opinion, but she doesn’t mind, as long as her point of view is well understood. It is worth noting that Angel may not have won the 2021 edition of BBNaija, but she is still undoubtedly the favourite personality of her fans. Right now, she is trying to establish a lasting brand as a creative writer and fashion entrepreneur. And, without a doubt, she often makes a strong impression when she speaks as a fashionista. Nevertheless, her strong point seems to be her undeniable dose of confidence.

4 Maria ChikeMaria Chike

The beautiful Maria Chike is a young woman who has a lot of passion for everything she does. No matter what the circumstances, she always has this attitude

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