Quantivayus Joseph Biography; Siblings, Parent, Career and Death

Quantivayus Joseph was a rapper and also the sibling of a British rapper, Rapper 21 with a genuine name of Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. Quantivayus was shot dead and killed in a bungled medication bargain.

Profile Summary

Name Quantivayus Joseph
Age Undisclosed (Killed in his mid-twenties)
Gender Male
Famous Brother Rapper 21
Nationality British
Profession Rapper
Parents Heather Carmilla Joseph and Kevin Cornelius Emmons
Siblings 4 brothers; 6 sisters

Who is Quantivayus Joseph?

Quantivayus Joseph was the brother of a British rapper, Rapper 21 who is also known by his real name, Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. Rapper 21 aka 21 Savage’s brother Quantivayus was shot dead and murdered in a botched drug deal.

Quantivayus Joseph Early Days


Quantivayus Joseph was born in the United Kingdom. He is of British ethnicity having a blended ethinic foundation. He is the child of Heather Carmilla Joseph (mother) and Kevin Cornelius Emmons (father). Joseph’s folks have a place with Dominican and Haitian foundations. Joseph’s parents belong to Dominican and Haitian backgrounds. Currently, his parents have separated from each other.

Quantivayus has a few kin siblings, and sisters in his family. Among them, Joseph has twin sisters, Kyra and Jayda Davis dance who are incredible achieved choreographers. He is fondly known as Tay man. Quantivayus Joseph was in his mid-twenties at the hour of his demise. As referenced above, Joseph was killed in a medication bargain experience.

Rapper 21 Honours His Dead Sibling

To honor his sibling, Rapper 21 got a knife tattoo craved on his face in order to honor his deceased brother. Rapper 21 is grieving the deficiency of his other sibling, TMI Way too.

Another Reported Untimely Death to Rapper 21’s Family

Aside from this, it was additionally reported recently that another of Rapper 21 sibling, by name Terell Davis was slaughtered in Brixton, the UK on 22 November 2020. Terell was likewise a rapper who proceeded as TMI Way. Terell was also a rapper who performed as TMI Way, he got into a heated argument with someone before he was brutally stabbed to death.


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