Rema Reveals Why He Switched From Gospel To Secular Music

Multi-Talented Nigerian singer, Rema, on April 24, narrated how he made the transition from gospel to secular music.


Rema, who once led a gospel rap group in church, noted that the change came when he started singing in bars and lounges to make ends meet.



The Benin-born singer noted that he had not yet moved to Lagos when he switched to secular music.


He said, “I was still in Benin when that change happened. Many people thought that when I signed my contract, I started to deviate.


“No. In fact, life was hard in Benin. I am not that guy who asks people in the church to pay me because I am doing God’s work. Over there in Benin, I started competing, going to bars, lounges, political rallies; I was just trying to get on stage and hold a microphone, to at least get some money to go home and feed my family, because we were going through hard times,” he continued.


“I lost my father and my brother and I needed to help my family. At that point, I felt like that’s when I started to drift away; little by little, until I went into exile,” he explains.


According to him, it was a weird transition for him and his mother. But he could not convince his mother of his choice.


“It was weird for me and especially for my mother because she was well known in the church. I just told her to trust me,” he confessed.




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