Rich Bello Biography, Wiki, Nationality, Educational Qualification, Career Path and Net Worth

Rich Bello is the CEO of Arootah, he serves as the COO of Blue Ridge Capital. Rich held senior positions at Ernst and Young, Tiger Management, and Morgan Stanley where he observed strategies to exceptional results.

Profile Summary

Full Name Richard Bello
Nickname Rich Bello
Nationality American
Gender Male
Occupation Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Arootah
Net Worth Billions in dollars

Educational Qualification of Rich Bello

Richard Bello has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of Jos and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Strayer University. Rich has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a certified coach from the Co-Active Training Institute.

Rich Bello’s Passion Drive


He has a deep-rooted passion for both personal and professional development. His born-to-coach personality emerged early in life, blossoming throughout his career as he ascended into senior leadership roles.

Rich quickly understood how personal and professional development could positively transform one’s life, career, and business. He is uniquely qualified to provide valuable insights and practical solutions to business executives at the most senior levels.

Today, Rich enjoys working with clients to strive for challenging goals and optimize how they accomplish them. Rich enjoys working with partners, colleagues, and teams to share his philosophy on the importance of personal and professional drive, which he believes is the key to unlocking peak performance. Rich empowers his clients to achieve superior results by setting clear objectives and designing strategic plans with an accountability strategy for assured execution.

Career Path of Rich Bello

Rich was the co-founder of Blue Ridge Capital and serves as the firm’s COO, a role he has held for over 25 years. Blue Ridge is an industry-leading hedge fund that grew to $10 billion in assets under management at its peak.

While operating this thriving fund and attracting top talent, Rich gathered valuable insights from the outstanding people around him. He has fine-tuned the success strategies and high-impact actions from his own experiences and those of his colleagues.

With over 25 years of managing and coaching his employees, he has identified and distilled the behaviors that lead to successful careers and superior business results.

Rich has naturally pivoted from coaching his hedge fund team to coaching clients and people in his network who are committed to achieving more.

Rich Bello Net Worth

Blue Ridge Capital Llc is a hedge fund that manages $13.8 Billion dollars in regulatory AUM and has 65 employees, of which 12 perform investment advisory functions. So, he is estimated to be worth billions of dollars, though the actual amount is not yet confirmed.


While Rich enjoys working with seasoned professionals and high-growth companies, he proudly serves on the Advisory Board of iMentor, an organization in which he was instrumental in founding.

iMentor is a leader in high school and college mentoring and has served over 33,000 students from primarily low-income communities. Rich finds great fulfillment in providing direction, support, and encouragement to inspire ambition in the next generation of young leaders.


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