Roy Bryant Jr. Biography, Age, Nationality, Family Life, Parents and Occupations

Roy Bryant Junior Biography Age Nationality Family Life Notable Mother And Net Worth

Roy Bryant Jr. is the son of Carolyn Bryant, who is an actress. Carolyn Bryant is the plantation manager’s and nurse’s daughter. She is the ex-wife of the dead, Roy Bryant, and comes from Indianola, Mississippi, a hotbed of segregationist and racist sentiment.

Profile Summary

Full Name Roy Bryant Jr,
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1951
Nationality American
Mother Carolyn Bryant
Father Roy Bryant
Sibling Lamar Bryant
Famous as Carolyn Bryant’s brother

Early Life of Roy Bryant

Roy Bryant Jr. is the first son of the iconic Carolyn Bryant and her husband Roy Bryant, the two primary persons involved in the Emmett Till death trial, and their information has been kept concealed from the public due to the circumstances of their popularity.

Roy Bryant Junior Biography Age Nationality Family Life Notable Mother And Net Worth

Roy Bryant’s family

Roy Bryant Jr. was named after his father and is thought to have been born in late 1951, although we don’t know his actual month or day of birth, nor do we know anything about his educational history, because everything about him and his family was kept hidden due to the murder case

Career Path of Roy Bryant

Roy worked as a truck driver alongside his half-brother J.W. to supplement his income. He participated in WWII and received a battle medal. Emmett Till went to Bryant’s Grocery with relatives and friends on the night of August 24, 1955, after harvesting cotton in the scorching heat. Men went to the shop alone or in groups to purchase lemonade or chewing gum. Emmett walked in and purchased two cents worth of gum. However, what transpired next has yet to be proven. She bolted from the store. Outside, the youngsters stated she was going to fetch a gun. Emmett and his friends fled, terrified.

Meet Roy Bryant’s Mother, Carolyn Bryant

Carolyn Bryant, the daughter of a plantation manager and a nurse, was from Indianola, Mississippi, the headquarters of the segregationist and racist White Civic Council. She dropped out of high school after winning two beauty pageants and marrying ex-soldier Roy Bryant.

Bryant’s Food & Meat Market was a modest grocery shop that catered to African sharecroppers and their families. The business stood on a Main Street corner in Money, a little town in the midst of the cotton-producing Mississippi Delta. They had two boys and lived behind the business in two modest rooms.


Lamar Bryant is Roy Bryant Jr’s younger brother and the second child of Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant. His life, like that of his elder brother, has been kept secret from the public, although we do know he was born two years after his elder sibling.

His work history, the identity of his nuclear family, and much about him have been kept hidden from the public in order to protect himself and his family based on how they came into the spotlight. When their father and uncle reportedly murdered Emmett Till in 1955, Roy Bryant Jr and Lamar Bryant were four and two years old, respectively