Ryan Seacrest Father, Meet Gary Lee Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Father Meet Gary Lee Seacrest

Gary Lee Seacrest is a real estate lawyer and the father of the American media personality, Ryan Seacrest.

Mini Bio On Gary Lee Seacrest

Gary Lee Seacrest is a native of Alabama who was born in 1946 to a United States army general, Henry Skeen, and had wanted to follow his father’s footsteps to work in the military.

Ryan Seacrest Father Meet Gary Lee Seacrest

The Seacrests

Gary Lee Seacrest attended Officer Candidate School and West Berlin, became a soldier, and married to Constance Zullinge, he met his wife just before his trip to Germany. They have two children Ryan Seacrest and Meredith Seacrest.

Is Ryan Seacrest Father Gary Lee Seacrest?

Ryan Seacrest is the son of Gary Lee Seacrest and he happens to be his son’s role model and biggest fan.

In one of Ryan Seacrest posts on Instagram, he stated that he father, Gary Lee Seacrest has taught him to understand the importance of high-quality tailored suit and many other things.


Gary Lee Seacrest stayed in Germany for two years and upon his return, he left the army to take up a new career path to become a real estate lawyer.

Ryan John Seacrest, Gary’s son is an American media personality and producer. He is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, as well as the host of multiple media platforms, including American Idol, American Top 40, among others.