Ryan Waller Biography, Nationality, Controversy and Personality

Ryan Waller is the late victim of the breaking-in and shooting incident that happened on Christmas Day including the murder of his girlfriend. Waller’s story includes both tragedy and allegations of injustice. Instead of being labelled as a victim, Waller ended up becoming one of the prime suspects in the tragic incident which involved him and his girlfriend getting murdered.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ryan Weller
Gender Male
Date of Birth Feb 12, 1988
Famous as Victim of breaking-in and shooting incident
Nationality American
Sustained Severe brain injuries for hours before his death

 Who is Ryan Weller?

Ryan Waller was from Knoxville, Tennessee, he had been residing in Phoenix, Arizona during the time of his death and possibly even before that. He is also famous on the internet as the one who the police interviewed for hours all the while he is struggling after having been shot in the head twice. His case ultimately was also the case of civil rights violations and police misconduct from the police not treating him right away to ignoring his severe brain injuries for hours. The case additionally is equally notorious for having a lot of misinformation. In the follow-up interviews with Ryan’s family and friends that many random people and media conducted what came up was a list of conspiracies and allegations stating that the police didn’t treat Ryan fairly and that there was more to the whole story.

Ryan Waller Biography Nationality Controversy And Personality
Ryan Waller and his late girlfriend

What is the Ryan Weller’s Story?


It was sometime in the afternoon of December 23, 2006. Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting by the living room/or their own room when Larry Carver and his son, Ritchie showed up at Waller’s door to seek vengeance for what has been presumed an altercation that had happened in the past.

Heather and Ryan were living in a house that they shared with another roommate, Alicia. Though Alicia had gone out of the house that day. Ryan and Heather had rented the house and it was at the end of a cul de sac.

At this point, the late couple had been living in the house for only about a month and a half.

Upon reaching Waller’s doorway, they rang it up after which Ryan came to see who it was. He allegedly knew who they were and hesitated to open the door. Carver and his son nonetheless forced their way into Waller’s house and when the Knoxville-born tried to close the door, Richie put his arm inside and shot Ryan in the head twice.

After that, he went to the room where Ryan’s girlfriend Heather was sitting on the couch and shot her to death. Richie apparently killed her because the father-son duo didn’t want any witnesses. Richie and his father after shooting the couple also stole some weapons and a computer from the scene.


From here, however, the actuality of the incident has multiple narratives.

The Most Talked About Story Of Ryan Goes As:

Sometime after the incident, the Phoenix Police Department arrived at Ryan’s residence and found Waller who although being shot twice in the head was still alive. Shockingly he was also able to report who the shooters were. The police reported Ryan had an extremely swollen black eye with some wounds on his nose and cheeks.

The Other Stories of Waller Go As:

The shootings actually happened sometime in the afternoon of Christmas Day 2006, according to the police. On the other hand, according to Ryan’s father, Don – he had called his son and his girlfriend to remind them of Christmas dinner several times.


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