Ryno Hattingh Biography, Age, Nationality, Acting Career and Net Worth

Ryno Hattingh is a South African actor, who studied drama at the University of Pretoria, before he became particularly well known for his work on television and film.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ryno Hattingh
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 1 1980
Nationality South African
Occupation Talented Actor
Net Worth  $12 Million

Who is Ryno Hattingh?

Ryno Hattingh is an gifted, recognized and well appreciated South African actor, with some excellent films to his credit such as, The Gordimer Stories (1982), Konings (1992) and Kiepie & Kandas (1981).

Ryno Hattingh’s Career Path


Ryno is a born South African Actor, whose first feature film was Married to Rugby -The Untold Story (2011, as Oupa Boet Bekker). Since 2011, he has appeared in 3 feature films. The last one is Who Laughs Last (1986). In this movie, we watched him in the Bertie Roberts character

Some of his movies can be seen below,

  • Getroud met rugby (TV-reeks), 2009 as Oupa Boet Bekker
  • Salvation (kort), 1998 as Sersant Dundas
  • La mare aux crocodiles (TV-fliek), 1992 as Chris Small
  • The Fourth Reich, 1990 as Robey Leibbrandt
  • The Native Who Caused All the Trouble, 1989 as die vervolger
  • Torn Allegiance, 1988 as Louis
  • Wie Laaste Lag, 1985
  • Die Groen Faktor, 1984 as Paul
  • Kiepie en Kandas, 1980 as Kandas
  • Pour tout l’or du Transvaal (TV mini-reeks), 1979 as Jacob
  • Game for Vultures, 1979 as die bestuurder

Ryno Hattingh Net Worth

With years of practise and consistency in the industry, it comes not as a shock to us when his net worth was estimated to be worth about $10 Million dollar. Such a wonder right? Yes, and he deserves even more for his unrelenting service for the entertainment of you and I.


Ryno as we all know is a big name in the acting industry. Some of his Tv Series and dramas includes,

  • Pour tout l’or du Transvaal 1979 as “Jacob”
  • Miss Julie 1984 (SABC TV film)
  • La Mare aux Crocodiles (TV-film), 1992 as “Chris Small”
  • Woestynblom as “Kent” (SABC TV series, 1995)
  • Getroud met rugby 2009 as “Oupa Boet Bekker”.

Ryno is also widely known for Kiepie & Kandas (1981), Game for Vultures (1979) and The Gordimer Stories (1982).


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