Salma Elshimy Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Career Path and Net Worth

Salma Elshimy is a world-famous name of a gorgeously curved Egyptian model and social media influencer.

Profile Summary

Full Name Salma-al-shimi
Gender Female
Nationality/Ethnicity Egyptian/Arabian
Occupation Model, and social media influencer
Instagram Handle Instagram: salma.elshimy.official
Net Worth $700,000

Who is Salma Elshimy?

Salma-al-shimi who is popularly recognized and known as Salma Elshimy is an Egyptian Arabian model This lady was born in the year 1990, which invariably means that as of 2023, she is 33 years old. Salma is of Arabian ethnicity, whilst she attended the University of Egypt after finishing her secondary education.


While she was in her final year, she was noted to have competed in a number of beauty pageants.

Salma Elshimy Biography Age Nationality Family Career Path And Net Worth
Salma Elshimy

Professional Life of Salma Elshimy

Salma is a model cum social media personality, one who have gained quite a lot of viewers on her social media space. She is of a truth, a beauty to beyond. But, amidst all these, a recent controversial act was associated with her, for on November 26, 2020, Salma Elshimy, who has many Instagram followers, shared a photograph of herself in the white old costume, which went viral on the internet, and netizens expressed their outrage.

Following that, there was widespread speculation on the internet that the model had been imprisoned for wearing clothing that were disrespectful to Egypt’s ancient heritage. Furthermore, it is claimed that she violated the antiquities ministry’s photoshoot rules.

She also released a video from the shoot of herself in the same ancient Egyptian clothing at the foot of the 4,700-year-old Step Pyramid of Djoser two days later. According to recent reports, Egyptian courts have reportedly imprisoned some social media celebrities for distributing such inflammatory content. Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior’s tourism authority fired six staff who authorized the entry.

Salma Elshimy Net Worth

This Egyptian model who has bought for herself so much fame, has an estimated net worth of about $700,000.


Salma is celebrated for her remarkable body curves. Her curvy and artistic physique make her more attractive, although, with her increasing influence, she has won the hearts of many. The model takes good care of her physique by doing regular workouts and following a healthy diet. Moreover, she prefers brands like Gucci, LV, etc.


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