Samuel Goldberg, Where is He Now and What is The Story Surrounding Him?

Who is Samuel Goldberg?

Samuel Goldberg is the fiancé to Ellen Greenberg, a young schoolteacher was found dead in their home on January 26, 2011. Goldberg by profession is a television producer.

Ellen Greenberg was a 27-year-old elementary school teacher living in Philadelphia, PA with her fiancé Sam Goldberg, a producer for NBC. On January 26, 2011 Ellen left her job early due to heavy snow hitting the area, but ended up meeting her doom.


Ellen Greenberg was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Samuel Goldberg.

The Murder/Suicide Case, Here’s What Happened

Ellen hailed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reportedly, she worked at Juniata Park Academy as their first-grade teacher. Well, Greenberg had been living with her fiancé in a two-bedroom apartment in Manayunk. Her demise has remained a mystery even after a decade.

Ellen Greenberg’s death scene is described as ‘horrific’. Reportedly, she died as a result of 20 stab wounds. The incident dates back to January 26, 2011. The terrible day started when Philadelphia experienced a blizzard and Ellen had to return home from her work.

The same evening, at around 6:40 p.m., Greenberg’s passing was confirmed. Indeed, the cause of her death was stab wounds. Among the 20 stab wounds, 10 were on her back and neck. Furthermore, Wikipedia claims that the authorities found her with 11 bruises on her right arm, abdomen, and right leg.

A normal human being will call this case a murder for sure. However, until now, the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office has treated Ellen’s death case as a suicide.  After an autopsy, the medical team was convinced that it was a homicide. Reportedly, the Philadelphia Police Department later confirmed that she had committed suicide.

Moving on, the famous pathologist Cyril H. Wecht was shocked when Ellen’s case was called a suicide. Moreover, Henry Lee was also confident that it was a homicide. Ellen Greenberg’s parents believe that she was murdered. In January 2020,  the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas confirmed that the trial will begin in 2021. Reportedly, Joshua and Sandra Greenberg filed a lawsuit against Dr. Marlon Osbourne. Also, they have accused the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office of conducting a false autopsy of their daughter.

Ellen’s mom and dad are convinced that Dr Marlon changed the manner of death after the police insisted. From photogrammetry, a 3D anatomical recreation of Ellen’s wounds was created. As per the report, all of Ellen’s 20 wounds were impossible to be self-inflicted. So, her passing must be declared murder.

Where is Samuel Goldberg Now?

Samuel Goldberg is currently a married man with two children. He as at the moment resides in New York with his wife and kids. It was believed that Samuel had nothing to do with Ellen’s death, reason why he was never arrested or charged.

During the incident, Sam was reported absent in the said apartment, for he was at the apartment gym and was also the first person to find his fiancee died.


Samuel Goldberg had kept in touch with Ellen’s parent for over a year now. As regards to Ellen’s death, police claimed that the door of Ellen’s apartment had been locked from the inside and that there were no signs of a struggle, but Ellen’s parents remain adamant that their daughter did not kill herself and they are fighting for the case to be re-opened. Her father, Joshua, “absolutely 100%” believes that his daughter was murdered.


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