Sara Blake Cheek Biography; Age, Nationality, Career and Net Worth

Sara Blake Cheek is a Filipino model and social media influencer.  Cheek is a former second runner-up in the Mrs. Kansas United States pageant. She has also been a Published Cover Model of a number of fashion magazines and has been featured in multiple media outlets for her steadfast journey as a model and social media influencer.

Profile Summary

Name Sara Blake Cheek
Gender Female
Date of Birth/Place of Birth November 25, 1990 (age 32)/Wichita, Kansas
Nationality Filipino, American
Famous for Viral TikTok content, IG model, OnlyFans superstar, Egotastic’s SEC football predictor
Occupation Model, Social Media Influencer, OnlyFans superstar
Net Worth $400K USD.

Who is Sara Blake Cheek?

She is regarded as the OnlyFans superstar and has acquired a mass following on her social media handles, especially TikTok, Instagram, and Egotastic’s SEC football predictor for her viral content.Early life and education

Sara Blake Cheek Biography Age Nationality Career And Net Worth
                                                                 Sara Blake Cheek 

Sara Blake Cheek Early Days


Cheek was born on November 25, 1990, in Wichita, Kansas. She was raised by her grandparents Nelson, who was in the Air Force, and Cora. Both of her grandparents were very active members of the Filipino community. Cheek grew up with two sisters and one brother. During her teenage years, she moved around often living with her grandparents in Kansas and parents (Jose and Sharon) in Chicago.

Cheek completed her high school education at Wichita Heights High School and Basehor-Linwood High School in 2008. Cheek was often motivated by her dance team coach during her time at Wichita Heights High School. She also went on to win awards for dance solos at competitions along with excelling at competitive sports and dance. She also served as the President of the Spanish Club, a member of the Student Council, a co-chair of her church’s youth group, and a guest mascot for a couple of football games at her high school!

Because she had to overcome bullying, she graduated a year early and went on to college. She chose to follow her dream of becoming a cosmetologist after mastering beer-drinking 101. She relocated to Tennessee, where she met her future husband, Matt Cheek.

Sara Blake Cheek
                                                          Sara Blake Cheek

Sara Blake Career Growth

She has been featured on the covers of a number of fashion magazines along with being an Egotastic Football predictor, and an OnlyFans superstar. Prior to that, Cheek was also a second runner-up in the Mrs. Kansas United States pageant.

Apart from her exponentially rising career in the entertainment and fashion industry, Cheek is also an entrepreneur – owner of two salons in Tennessee and Kansas. Both her salons have gained mass recognition in these cities and have been voted best salon and stylist by the people.[5]

Sara’s Relationship life

Cheek is married to Matt Cheek and they have four children. The family resides in Florida. Cheek is a huge college football (TENNESSEE Volunteers) and basketball fan (Kansas Jayhawks).[6] In her free time Cheek likes to play golf, take her Mustang 5.0 to the drag strip, and attend every UT vols game she and her husband can.

Sara Blake Cheek Net Worth

The recognized Instagram influencer and model is estimated to be worth around $400K USD.


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