Outbound dialing is critical for most businesses, and reacting fast is the key to setting appointments and driving more income. Equally important is your ability to connect immediately with leads who call you. 

Call center software enables your agents to reach out to more clients without exerting effort. If you want outbound calling to be a part of your sales process, features like automated dialing or call routing can make your team more productive.

In this article, we will go into the top call center software list for your home maintenance business.

What is Cloud Call Center Software?

Cloud call center software is a virtual solution that uses cloud-based technology to enable agents to make and receive calls from any place with an internet connection. 

Call routing, recording, real-time analytics, and connections with customer relationship management (CRM) systems are all elements of cloud-based call center software.

A cloud call center provides a communication platform for processing customer calls and interactions over the internet for the firm and its clients.  

It is less expensive to set up and operate and gives essential technologies to access and engage with clients at any time and from any location. 

Cloud contact center software allows supervisors and managers to watch important call center metrics and improve the performance of the customer support staff to boost end-customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional call centers, which require physical types of equipment such as desk phones and computers, a call center service makes and receives calls over an internet connection. 

Once your agents have signed up with a cloud-based supplier, they may engage with customers using any internet-connected device.

Why Do Businesses Require Cloud Call Center Software?


Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and it is time for businesses to leave old PBX systems in favor of a modern cloud-based contact center that provides flexibility while modernizing call center operations to boost agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Remote Control Operations

Remote activities are easily compatible with cloud call center systems. They may leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to boost agent productivity by providing sophisticated capabilities like a predictive dialer, voice bot, and more. It aids in lowering average handle time (AHT) and increasing agent production.

Reliable and Secure

Cloud-based contact centers have a strong and dependable internet connection, which results in good call quality. 

As a result, cloud call center solutions provide better robustness and dependability at a cheaper cost than many on-premises systems designed for individual companies.

Best Cloud Call Center Solutions for Your Business

We’ve created a thorough list of the best call center software options to assist you in selecting the ideal platform for your home improvement business.


Zendesk’s contact center software is integrated into the Zendesk Agent Workspace to provide a unified customer experience. This platform assists expanding teams in resolving issues rapidly while evaluating and improving phone support operations.

Zendesk offers omnichannel assistance, allowing businesses to stand out from the crowd by meeting their customers where they are—whether on the phone, email, or Instagram. 


If dependability, ease of setup, and comprehensive features are essential to you, Webex’s call center software is a strong candidate to examine. This cloud-based system may accommodate up to 1,000 on-site employees, remote employees, or a combination of the two.

Despite its enterprise-level strength and expertise, Webex is also a viable solution for smaller organizations wishing to establish a contact center. 

Webex may also be your productivity suite if you need internal communication capabilities like video conferencing. Choose the contact plan for contact center software or the Meet + Call plan for both productivity and call center features.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a help desk, website builder, CRM, and more, but did you know it’s also a viable alternative for your contact center solution? 

Like its other products, Zoho’s call center software is cloud-based, has a user-friendly interface, and connects nicely with everything in the Zoho product ecosystem.

If you currently use Zoho Desk, you’ll discover that adopting, utilizing, and updating the program is easier. 

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the tight integrations with your other Zoho solutions to deliver an excellent client and agent experience. 

Remember that to use the contact center capabilities, you must have either a Professional or Enterprise subscription.


Some call centers handle inbound calls, while others only handle outgoing calls. Talkdesk delivers the tools required to manage both types of calls in hybrid call centers. 

Furthermore, because it is entirely cloud-based, there is no need to download additional software to your local machines.

Talkdesk contains handy current features such as an easy-to-use mobile app that agents may use from anywhere. 

Furthermore, the software is adaptable; you can even employ after-hours or part-time staffing tools to manage calls when low traffic and personnel are. No free trials are available for Talkdesk plans, but you may request a software demo.

GoTo Connect

If you’re familiar with the term “software-as-a-service,” you might be interested in GoTo Connect’s contact-center-as-a-service. The CCaaS idea is similar to SaaS. 

However, it is limited to call center software. GoTo Connect offers many options, all of which are cloud-based and include various call center functions.

This contact center software from GoTo Connect can meet the demands of incoming, outbound, and hybrid call centers. If you enjoy the contact center software, you can also add a VoIP service to build up an internal phone system for your company.

NICE Cxone

NICE CXone helps your agents to create better, more efficient customer experiences by combining customer context and extensive call center functionality into a single straightforward interface. 

While it may suit smaller enterprises, NICE CXone is a proper corporate solution. More significant, more complicated service firms will find everything they need to streamline call center operations.

NICE CXone also provides capabilities that allow managers to improve customer service while reducing expenditures. Quality management and workforce planning tools are among the aspects that continually improve resource planning and service delivery.

Closing Points

A cloud call center solution suits businesses dealing with many customer and sales inquiries. Nonetheless, the advantages of shifting your contact center to the cloud significantly outweigh the disadvantages of an on-site solution.

A cloud call center can’t go wrong since it provides unrivaled scalability. And when you’re ready, we’ll be prepared to transition to an omnichannel contact center.


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