Sess, a phenomenal Nigerian superstar, has released a new impressive single titled “To Match,” produced by Pheelz.

Sess, the award-winning music producer and record label owner, collaborates with the incredible Teni on his latest single “To Match.” This comes shortly after his collaboration with rapper Falz on “Thunda.”

“To Match” is a song from Sess’ upcoming sophomore album, which is due out soon. The song is fantastic, and you should listen to it.

Stream and download Sess – To Match ft Teni mp3 below;

In the realm of music, collaborations often lead to captivating tracks that bring together the talents of multiple artists. Sess’s “To Match,” featuring the dynamic Teni, is a prime example of such a collaboration. Through this song, listeners are treated to a seamless blend of production artistry and captivating vocals, resulting in a melodic and memorable musical experience.

Sess’s Production Prowess

Sess, whose real name is Salami Folarin, is a Nigerian producer known for his exceptional skills in crafting eclectic and genre-blurring beats. His versatility in blending diverse musical elements has earned him respect in the music industry. Sess’s ability to create immersive sonic landscapes sets the stage for memorable collaborations with various artists.

Teni’s Vibrant Vocal Delivery

Teni, born Teniola Apata, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter celebrated for her distinctive voice and energetic stage presence. Her ability to infuse emotion and personality into her vocals makes her an artist who stands out. Teni’s music often combines afrobeats, pop, and urban sounds, resulting in a unique and relatable style.

Exploring “To Match”

“To Match” is a collaborative effort that marries Sess’s production expertise with Teni’s vibrant vocals. The song embodies themes of compatibility and mutual understanding in a romantic relationship. The lyrics play on the idea of two individuals “matching” each other perfectly, reflecting the connection and harmony between them.

Synergy of Production and Vocals

The magic of “To Match” lies in the seamless harmony between Sess’s production and Teni’s vocals. The track’s production layers create a lush soundscape that complements Teni’s emotive and engaging vocal delivery. The combination of percussive elements, melodic textures, and electronic nuances adds depth and allure to the song.

Lyrical Simplicity and Relatability

Lyrically, “To Match” conveys the joy and satisfaction of finding a partner who complements and understands you. The straightforward and relatable lyrics capture the essence of a loving relationship without being overly complex. Lines like “Baby, you’re my match, to match / We dey match” convey a sense of happiness and unity.

Vocal Performance and Emotive Resonance

Teni’s vocal performance in “To Match” is characterized by her expressive delivery and emotional resonance. Her ability to convey genuine emotion through her voice adds authenticity to the song’s message. Teni’s vocal range and control shine as she effortlessly navigates the song’s melodies.

Melodic Arrangement and Atmospheric Production

The production of “To Match” is marked by its melodic arrangement and atmospheric textures. Sess’s ability to layer various musical elements, including synths, strings, and percussion, creates an enchanting sonic landscape. The song’s arrangement reflects the feelings of euphoria and connection expressed in the lyrics.

Impact and Reception

” To Match” received positive reception from fans and music enthusiasts alike. The collaboration between Sess and Teni brought attention to the song’s melodic allure and engaging lyrics. Its feel-good vibes and catchy chorus made it a favorite among those who appreciate melodious tracks with relatable themes.


Sess’s “To Match” featuring Teni showcases the synergy between production and vocals in the music industry. The song’s fusion of Sess’s sonic craftsmanship and Teni’s vibrant vocals creates an immersive and emotionally resonant experience. As listeners engage with the melodic allure of “To Match,” they are reminded of the power of collaboration in shaping memorable musical moments that connect and resonate with audiences.


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