Shahan Ramkissoon, Who is the Woman Behind His Smile?

Shahan Ramkissoon is eNCA’s news anchor, who have been a popular face on TV over the recent months.

Who is Shahan Ramkissoon?

He is a news anchor for eNCA who recently shocked the media when he announced his leaving from the independent broadcaster. Shahan have served for eNCA for the past 12 years, and he has been nicknamed “South Africa’s voice. Ramkissoon was known for his approach to finding the truth. Shahan formerly worked as a reporter in the media field.


He recently recovered from Covid-19 and his decision to share updates with the public, endeared him to many.

Why Did Shahan Ramkissoon Chose Journalism as a Career Path?

He was once asked on why he chose Journalism, to which Shahan replied that, “He got into journalism because he knew it would empower him to hold people accountable, especially to the Constitution”. He was noted to have added that,

“When I was 14, my school withheld report cards of pupils who couldn’t afford to pay fees. They also didn’t allow them to go on excursions. I found this to be outrageous and wanted to do something about it, so I wrote about it in the Young Daily News, the education department intervened, and the school principal was reprimanded, and action was taken. “It was then I realized the power of journalism,” Ramkissoon said.

“This isn’t about fame or recognition for me, it’s about journalistic passion and integrity”.

Shahan Ramkissoon’s journey as a news journalist began in newspapers, he then got into radio while at university and eventually TV.

Who is Shahan Ramkissoon’s Woman?

Ramkissoon is quite a handsome young man, and believably there are women who are duly and fully interested in him.

Shahan has shown his face in public gathering with different and numerous pretty ladies but has never spoken up on which of them he is dating.

He was once rumoured to be in a relationship with a fellow news caster but as it stands, it was only a rumour for it died down with time.

So, presently, he is not in a relationship with any woman. Or better put, his personal life is off public confirmation as at the moment.

Shahan Ramkissoon Who Is The Woman Behind His Smile
Shahan Ramkissoon

Outside Journalism, What Else Fancies Shahan Ramkissoon?

Shahan is a very big fan to good music. He actually enjoys waking up to a lovely song and listening to it as often as he can outside his work hours.

Hear him talk, “I love music, and I love dancing, even though I’m not sure I actually do the gwara gwara perfectly yet. Prince Kaybee, Dj Maphorisa, Busiswa, and Mafikizolo are just some of the artists on my playlist. I wake up to music and sleep to music,”


Shahan started as a field reporter at eNews in 2007. He worked in PE and then moved to Johannesburg, where he currently covered general news and, eventually, politics. Shahan left in 2013 to work abroad.

“I was a correspondent and anchor between New York and London until 2016. I returned home to eNCA, and the rest is still unfolding,” he said.


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