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If you’re a follower of Rasmika Mandanna on social media, you must have noticed the image of a young girl who always appears on her photos and videos. Yes, the name of this young girl is Shiman Mandanna. Let’s explore some more details about the young Shiman Mandanna.

Shiman Mandanna Biography

Shiman Mandanna was born to Suman Mandanna and Madan Mandanna on the 2nd of May 2013. That means, by calculation she is about 9 years of age. From her photos with her sister and her parents one can conclude that Shiman Mandanna is a really fun person to be with.


Shiman Mandanna lives in Karnataka, India. She lives there with her parents and other members of her family. Just like every other member of her family, she practice the Hindu religion.

Shiman Mandanna is the little sister of the famous Rasmika Mandanna. The two of them actually get along really well. She may have appeared in movies, but she is not a well-known person as her sister. Even though the two are really close to each other, the difference in age between these two us quite large. Rasmika Mandanna is about 16 years older than Shiman Mandanna.

To emphasize how much Rasmika loves Shiman Mandanna, at one time on the day of Shiman Mandanna birthday, Rasmika who was not around Shiman Mandanna posted a nice birthday message for her sister on social media.

She wrote, ”Happiest birthday my darling baby. Sista loves you most. I ain’t letting nobody ever hurt you. Ever! When the world settles down a Lil I’ll come home and we’ll celebrate my darling! I miss you! And I love you!.”

Shiman Mandanna Age

Shiman Mandanna was born on 2 May 2013, age 9 years (as of 2022). in Virajpet, Kodagu, India.

Shiman Mandanna Social Media Handles

Shiman Mandanna is quite active on her social media handles. Shiman Mandanna often posts videos and photos on her social media platforms.

On Instagram, she can be found by searching for: (@shiman_mandana).


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