Take WordPress Themes & Plugins to Next Level With Pro-Level Enhancements

Seeking WordPress or WooCommerce development is a favourable means for most bloggers and business owners to set their brand impression. The first thing people do upon installing WordPress or WooCommerce and setting up their site attributes is look for the right theme to go with their vision, followed by the installation of plugins. 

Everyone wants a unique appeal for their site, and utilising the right theme and plugins is what gives a leading edge. Plugins are considered small software bits to expand the features or behaviour of the WordPress site, whereas the themes are meant to control the content presentation. 

Whether free or paid, every theme over WordPress can be professionally improved, and plugins can be custom-developed to meet specific requirements. All you need is a team of experts and fundamental knowledge on how to invoke pro-level enhancements to your site. 

Read along this article till the end to learn how you can implement pro-level enhancements to your WordPress themes and plugins. 

Why Seek Improvements for Your WordPress or WooCommerce Themes and Plugins?

If your site is running with a poor theme and plugins, they might create conflicts and complexities due to outdated coding. As a result, the browsers will find it difficult to process those codes, which will reduce the overall user experience. 

This is a common problem, mostly when the plugin or theme is outdated and isn’t receiving newer updates. Not only that but there are also certain plugins that are created in a way that harms the WordPress site. 

Whether you are running a blogging site on WordPress or an eCommerce store on WooCommerce, having poor plugins and themes might trigger serious repercussions, such as:

  • Pages will load slower, and more resources will be consumed than what is necessary. 
  • Poor performance of the site will hamper the overall user experience. 
  • Plugin conflicts might arise, which will supposedly crash your website or specific elements in it. 
  • Inefficient themes or plugins might also make your site vulnerable to some common security issues. 

Therefore, seeking pro-level improvements for your themes or plugins while seeking WordPress or WooCommerce development is a must. 

What are Some Pro-Ways to Enhance the Functionality and Quality of WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Here are some of the ways you can adopt in order to implement pro-level enhancements to your WordPress or WooCommerce themes and plugins:

1. Write a Clean and Standardised Code

Clean code should be a priority for any theme or plugin that you develop for your WordPress site. Not just WordPress, but even if you are hiring a Magento or Drupal development company, they shall also emphasise implementing clear coding efforts. WordPress is no different! 

With the right coding efforts, your WordPress or WooCommerce site will be compliant with all the latest standards. If you stick to complex coding approaches, then your themes or plugins might find it difficult to be rendered every time a page is loaded by your audience. 

Meet the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium standards with respect to your theme or plugin development compliance, which is applicable to all the latest devices and browsers. Implement the best standards and practices associated with the W3C for your theme or plugin development to make them work as expected. 

2. Make Use of PHP Flush

Calling the PHP flush function after the header will help speed up the WordPress page. You just have to add to the header.php file after you have closed the tag. Upon implementing this code, you will be forcing the web server to send the header of your WordPress site first before the other content of the web page.  

With the use of the flush function, a web browser will get enough time to download the stylesheets that are present within the header and then wait to receive other content of the respective web page. 

3. Minify the JavaScript and CSS Files

The next crucial thing you can implement is shorthand CSS within the WordPress theme stylesheet. Take the help of expert WordPress or WooCommerce development experts to help you with writing or rewriting the theme stylesheet by using shorthand CSS. A subtle difference will be created in terms of reducing the overall size of the theme stylesheet. 

Beyond that, you can try minifying the JavaScript and CSS files to reduce their size immensely. With this approach, you will be able to remove all the unnecessary elements or characters, such as spaces or tabs, from the files and keep the code intact. Developers will make use of an HTML compressor, CSS compressor or JavaScript compressor to achieve it. 

4. Prefer Adding a Custom Favicon

Some of the specific WordPress themes don’t get their favicon by default. Favicon is the icon that represents the site. You can see it within the address bars or tabs of your browser. A WordPress or WooCommerce site without a favicon might be considered unprofessional. Therefore, you must add a custom one for yours!

Use Favicon generator tools to design one for your site, and then you can reference the icon using a specific code within your header.php folder that you will find within your theme directory. The code you must add is:

You just have to modify the href value to point to the location of your specific favicon file. Your WordPress theme will now have a custom favicon to give your site a professional presence. 

5. Impose Internationalisation

As per W3C, a quality code must be adhered to with internationalisation attributes. It is one of the easiest ways for you to make your themes or plugins more interactable and readable for people who speak different languages or belong to varying cultures. 

As a result, your WordPress or WooCommerce plugins and themes will become adaptable for people from any country, culture or region. It will not just help improve the efficacy of your WordPress or WooCommerce site but will also bring you a plethora of traffic and business opportunities. 

Parting Words

Improving the quality of WordPress plugins and themes will scale your site’s overall performance and will implement great UX. It would help you prevent complications or compromises associated with the site functionalities. 

Implementing these pro-practices might not be efficient for all site owners, for which you must seek help from WordPress or WooCommerce development experts to help scale the proficiency of your site responsiveness and appeal and take it to the next level.