Taliya and Gustavo leaked Viral Video Trends On Twitter & Reddit

Who are Taliya and Gustavo?

They are one of the most famous social media couples who created entertainment videos for their fans. They had shared a video for their only Fans page but this video got posted on various social media platforms and got socially viral.

Taliya Jordan and his date Gustavo have been lovers for years and they have known each other since their childhood. When we talk about age then no one has correct data about this because they didn’t share ever or talked about but we may say that every one of them is around 25 to 30 years of age.

What is the #Taliyaandgustavo trend? 


Well, this started with a shared video of Talia and Gustavo which they shared on their fan only but one of their fans made a screen recording of it and shared it on various other social media platforms. This video got viral and becomes a trend on Twitter as #taliyaandgustavo.

What is in the video? 

Taliya and Gustavo are a social media couple and they have made an only fans page where they interact with their fans only. After sharing a video on their only fan page, someone makes a screen recording of that page and this video is shared on the account name @DrAshu041 on Twitter.

Taliya and Gustavo leaked video got viral on social media and reaches a thread with the name #taliyaandgustavo and their fans are searching for their leaked video.

Taliya and Gustavo leaked video


They criticize this thing which happened on social media because plenty of people use celebrities to earn money.

Since the video got leaked, plenty of their fans have done a lot of searches on the internet about their leaked videos and through this plenty of people will make money. Also, Taliya and Gustavo leaked a video blaming them for leaking their videos for earning.

This famous social media couple is also famous for creating high-quality motion pictures. They have got a huge level of likes, shares and followers on their social media platforms. The videos they have uploaded are seen by hundreds of thousands of people and they have around 1.5 million followers on their social media accounts. People love to watch the fascinating content they created on social media.

Taliya and Gustavo Social Media Handles

Let’s have a look at their profiles to know why Taliya Gustavo leaked video is becoming controversial on social media. @Taliyaandgustavo On TikTok.

Taliya and Gustavo had their official accounts on Instagram and they also created videos to entertain their fans. The caption of their official Instagram account is “Video creator, since 8/21/18”.

When we talk about the individual Instagram accounts then Gustavo had his official Instagram account with the name @official Gustavo and his girlfriend Taliya has his account with the name @taliyajordan. Well, they don’t have a lot of followers on their Instagram accounts but they have around 9245 and 14.4k followers respectively. They both already have an account where they cope and share videos for their fans. The name of this account is @taliyaandgustavo. In this account, they cope and create entertainment videos for their followers and fans.

Also, this channel has around 13.3k followers. Their work is highly famous on TikTookay where thousands of people watch their videos. When they created this account then in a very short time interval, they reached a total number of followers of 1000. People appreciated the content they provided on their social media platforms and their followers are increasing day by day.

This couple is a highly popular social media personality. They also have their You tube channel with the name Taliya & Gustavo. On their You tube channel, they share prank videos and other entertaining content for their fans. They have around 28.9k followers on their You tube channel.

You can easily catch their content on YouTube, Reddit, and Tik tok. They’re not available on Twitter but they have their fan page on Twitter. Their entertainment videos are available on their Youtube channel and Tiktok. They create quite fascinating short and complete videos on social media platforms.


The Twitter clients of Taliya and Gustavo pay plenty of consideration to them and they use them to create their videos on social media and get an appreciation for their work globally. They’re one of the most popular and highly engaged social media influencers available on the internet.

Where Can Taliya and Gustavo Leaked video Be Found?

Taliya and Gustavo’s leaked video creates a trend on social media regarding their name and work. The shared-only fan video is also available on Twitter, and Instagram and you can also search it on Google. Their appreciating content is quite good but this leaked video may have some negative consequences because some of their fans blamed them that they’re leaking their only fans video for earning.

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