Tamara Gilmer Bio, Who Is Rory Fleek’s Ex Wife?

Tamara Gilmer Bio Who Is Rory Fleeks Ex Wife

Who Is Tamara Gilmer?

Tamara Gilmer is simply known as the ex-wife of Rory Feek. Not much is known about Tamara Gilmer’s early life before her marriage to the famous singer Rory Feek.

Tamara Gilmer Bio Who Is Rory Fleeks Ex Wife

Tamara Gilmer in her younger years

Who is Tamara Gilmer Married To?

Both Tamara and Rory were deeply in love and later got married in 1985. The couple had two children named “Heidi” and “Hope,” born during the late 1980s.

Heidi Feek was part of her father’s backup singers, the Joey + Rory, before going solo. She is a songwriter and also sings.

Before Rory’s musical success, the family moved around the country a lot. At that time, Rory worked with the US Marine Corps before he eventually decided to settle in Columbia, Tennessee.


Their eldest daughter Heidi followed the steps of her father and became a singer and songwriter. She started her professional career as a backup singer for her father’s country duo “Joey+Rory- before she independently released her music.

After releasing two EPs, she started a tour with Dillon Hodges, a fellow artist, and collaborated with her father. It is said that Tamara wrote songs for Rory and other artists, including Clay Walker, Blake Shelton, Tracy Byrd, and others.

The couple separated and got divorced in the year 1992. Even after the divorce, Tamara still kept a private life.