TEGA: How My brother Was Stabbed to Death Over N2500

BB Naija 2021 Female housemate , Tega, Narrated how her Blood brother was stabbed to Death over N2500 in a university to fellow classmate.

Tega Dominic told Beatrice, Princess,  and Liquidrose that her brother was a stabbed to deaths in unversity by a friend who owed him money.

The married BBNaija housemate explained that her brother had borrowed N2500 from a friend and had requested for it back after their Examination.

However, an altercation erupted, and his friend, who he borrowed the money, stabbed him.


According to Tega:

”My brother borrowed his friend N2500 in school and after their examination he asked for his money but his friend started arguing with him.
”He told my brother to call the Police because he refused to refund the money and they had an argument. After the issue, others separated them and they went to their hostel.
All of sudden the guy whose room was upstairs came down with a knife and stabbed my brother on his neck.”
Tega said her brother was rushed to the hospital but was refused treatment because of a police report even after they pleaded.
She also added;
the hospital thought it was a robbery incident and refused to treat him without a police report.
Recall that the housemate was in a viral video with Saga during a truth or dare game which trended and raised many comments from viewers.
This So terrible 😭 .