Connecticut is one of the oldest states in the United States. It was officially established in 1788. Connecticut has steadily maintained a history as one of the richest U.S. states, with each city in the state having a measure of historical value.

Each season brings its own form of value to the state as tourists flock to Connecticut monthly. Connecticut has many recreational spaces, meadows and beaches, each of which adds to its value. You also have ski slopes and trails for the more adventurous tourists and residents.

The East-West extent of Connecticut is much bigger than its North to South extent, with the latter being 110 miles and the former 70 miles. Perhaps the most attractive thing about Connecticut is its rich art scene and acres of hiking trails and coastline, which compensate for the size difference.

Connecticut is one of the most popular housing locations in the U.S. The only real challenge you may face is picking a city to live in. Connecticut has several choices to pick from and each of them have its pros. Good realtors in Norwalk CT can help you find a good place to live in. Whether you’re a tourist looking for a place to stay for the weekend or you want to settle down permanently, there are suitable choices all around.

1. Mansfield

Mansfield is a highly coveted destination for housing in Connecticut due to its relatively low median home value of $233,100. Housing in some other parts of Connecticut is much higher than that. It also helps that there are many top rated schools in the area, which makes it perfect for a young family. There are also family-friendly businesses and communities. Most realtors in Connecticut are of the general consensus that Mansfield is the right place for a family to settle down with its numerous parks, outdoor spaces and a library.

2. Ridgefield

Head on over to Fairfield County to find Ridgefield, a family-friendly neighbourhood that perfectly blends the best of city and suburban life. Ridgefield doesn’t have an excessively large population, with its residents being just above 25,000. Depending on the time, Ridgefield can give the impression of either a small city or a quiet county. Families will find Ridgefield to be a perfect location, as safety is prioritized in this environment.

3. Westport

If you need a place to settle down and begin your life, Westport is the best city to go to. 3 bedroom family houses in Westport go for $1,152,100, which is on the high side due to the high living costs of the city. If you’re unfazed by the idea of paying over $1,000,000 for housing, then Westport just might be the place for you.

There are many similarities between Westport and New Canaan, such as the fact that Westport is sometimes considered to be a suburb of New York City. There are highly top-rated schools in the city. It is also one of Connecticut’s cleanest cities. An added bonus is the myriad job opportunities and the friendly neighbours.

Since the housing costs in Connecticut are relatively high, the vibrant job market does a lot to compensate for living costs. The lovely art and theater scene in the city is all the more attractive because of the proximity to New York City. You get all the perks of living in a more relaxed NYC.

4. Simsbury

Simsbury is another attractive living destination in Connecticut. Its attractiveness is all the more emphasized by the city’s location on the outskirts of Hartford, the state capital. Simsbury has a growing population of over 23,844 with rich neighborhoods that have luxurious New England-style houses. While Simsbury has a relatively high cost of living, it has a median home value of $383,092, highlighting the need for investment for its residents.

5. Darien

Darien’s population is just above 21,000 and it is located on Connecticut’s coast, not far from NYC. This proximity makes it easy for the residents to move in and out of New York City through a 50-minute commute.

Even though Darien is very close to New York City, it is still its own city as it provides a small town feeling to its residents. It doesn’t have the rush of the city. The only conceivable con of Darien is the price tags.

However, its high median home price of $1,279,900, doesn’t detract from the attractiveness of Darien’s New England style homes she gardens. It exemplifies the American Dream

6. Riverside

There aren’t many cities as lovely as Riverside in Connecticut. It is a perfect location to raise children because of the top schools in the city. The average cost of a home in Riverside is $1,262,400 and the average income is $193,194, making it a very expensive town.

7. Southport

Southport is one of Connecticut’s small towns. It has a small population of 1,687. The small size doesn’t take away the beauty of the city as it is still one of the nicest towns in Connecticut. There is a thriving job market in the city and an average household income of $200,139.

Southport prioritizes education, ensuring that its schools remain some of the top-rated in the state. Southport residents are also very friendly and inclusive, having several shops near their neighborhoods.

8. Old Greenwich

If you’re considering moving to Old Greenwich, you first need to note the median home value of over $2,000,000. Old Greenwich is in a very rich location with a median household income of $207,000 per year and an average monthly rent of $2,477.

Old Greenwich prioritizes safety and cleanliness, making it perfect for a growing family. It is also very close to Ford’s Beach and Greenwich Point Beach. These are just a few of the pros of living in Greenwich.

9. Weston

When it comes to affordability, you can hardly do better than Weston. It is a suburb of NYC and many of those who work in NYC turn to Weston for affordable housing. A very convenient commute between NYC and Weston encourages movement between the two areas.

Weston has a growing job market of its own, coupled with a very low crime rat that makes it perfect for a family.

10. Cos Cob

Cos Con isn’t very far from the coast of Connecticut. It is a fairly independent city, even though it is a suburb of Greenwich. Its population is just over 6000, with warm and inviting residents.

Cos Cob is also very affordable, which is a major plus. Even though it is very close to NYC, its median home value is $900,000. It has a fairly balanced demand and supply, ensuring that housing isn’t scarce.

11. Fairfield

Fairfield is just a cozy village and its small town vibe is pronounced by the very affordable housing in the city. The average cost of home in Fairfield is $597,900 and the town has myriad shopping destinations, music festivals and many other attractions.

Each of these properties add to Fairfield’s charm for tourists and residents. The very low crime rate is the icing on the cake.

12. Newfield

If you’re looking for a family friendly neighborhood, then you should consider Newfield. It is an excellent area with a low population of just over 24,000. The city has several entertaining attractions with everything you could need in a residential city.

13. Weatogue

Weatogue is a small Connecticut town with an average population of just about 3000. With its beautiful parks, schools and very low crime rates, Weatogue is a great destination for festivals all year round, including parades and festivals. The welcoming neighborhoods all over the city are a part of the small town charm of Weatogue.

14. West Hartford

West Hartford is a fairly large city with a population of over 63,000. The city has many attractions to cater to its large population including schools, bars, shops and restaurants, all of which increase the city’s appeal. There is also a fairly low crime rate.

15. Avon

Avon is a lovely city in Connecticut with an attractive small town charm. The city has just over 18,000 residents and an average home value of $378,000. It has all the perks of a big city with a very low crime rate. The excellent school system in Avon is an added bonus.

16. New Canaan

There are few Connecticut towns that have as much to offer as New Canaan. It is sometimes referred to as a suburb of New York City.

The main con that comes with New Canaan is the high seven-figure price tag on the homes. However, the high quality of education and the job market compensate for the high cost of living.

17. Glastonbury

Glastonbury gives its residents a chance to live a fairly comfortable big city life. Excellent amenities and a welcoming vibe encourage people to settle down in the area.


You’d hardly find another more comprehensive list of Connecticut’s best places to live. Conduct extensive research into Connecticut to find a city that matches your needs perfectly.


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