The American Celebrity Child; Scarlet Starr

Scarlet Starr

Who is Scarlet Starr?

Scarlet Starr is famous as a celebrity child. She is known as the daughter of Melanie Jayne Chisholm better known as Melanie C or Mel C. Melanie C is a beloved English singer and songwriter. She rose to fame in the year 1996. She is best known as one of the five members of the Spice Girls. Melanie C started her solo career in late 1998 and her solo debut album Northern Star was released in 1999.Scarlet Starr in Politics from an Early Age.

Scarlet Starr was born in February 2009. As of 2022, she is at the age of 13 years. Her mother’s name is Melanie C and her father’s name is Thomas Starr. Scarlet is the only child of Melanie C. After the birth of Scarlet Starr, her mother Melanie C admitted in an interview with the BBC that the arrival of her child proved to be a turning point in her life.

What Does Scarlet Starr Mother Have to Say About Parenthood?

According to Melanie C, she said, “Being a mum was so liberating because, for the first time in my adult life, it wasn’t all about me. It made me not only realise I had a huge responsibility to her, but I have a huge responsibility to myself. In being her teacher, I had to treat myself better.”

Melanie C also disclosed that her daughter Scarlet Starr gave her the strength to split from her partner Thomas Starr. She said, ‘Scarlett has made me braver. She has made me stand up for myself more. I couldn’t have done that without the strength that I got from her.’ Per reports Melanie C and Thomas Starr, a property developer was together for ten years.

Melanie C and Thomas Starr met during a holiday in Barbados in 2002. The pair started dating shortly after meeting and kept their relationship a private one. In July 2012, they decided to get separated.

Who is Scarlet Starr’s Mother?

Scarlet Starr’s mother is known as Melanie C but her actual name is Melanie Jayne Chisholm. She was born on 12 January 1974, in Whiston, Lancashire. She is the only daughter of Joan O’Neill, who worked as a secretary and personal assistant and has been singing in music bands since she was, and Alan Chisholm, a fitter at the Otis Elevator Company.

Melanie C is an English singer and songwriter. She is best known as one of the five members of the Spice Girls, during which time she was nicknamed Sporty Spice. As a member of the Spice Girls, their three albums sold over 40 million copies worldwide and they had nine singles at number 1 in the UK. Her first solo album was Northern Star.


Scarlet’s mother, Melanie C has sold more than 123 million records, including 100 million copies with the group, and 23 million solo albums, singles, and collaborations, and has earned over 326 worldwide certifications (with numerous diamonds), including 41 silver, gold, and platinum certifications as a solo artist.