The Evolution of the Minimalist Wallet: From Money Clips to Modern EDC

Did you know the famous minimalist wallet isn’t where the compact wallet idea originated? There were some other ideas to keep your stuff compact that originated way before the wallets, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post today. For those that don’t know yet, we’ll look into the definitions for both terms, explore the benefits (or the need) of compact wallets, and then look into how the wallets evolved from simple, stylish clips to modern EDC wallets.

But before then, if you’re thinking of getting a simple minimalist wallet and don’t know where to start or what to pick, you may consider the Shuffle minimalist wallets. Not only are they among the modern EDC wallet types (which is the latest trend), but they are also a great tech-savvy option for those who need both functionality and style merged into a single wallet.

Now that that’s been said, let’s dive into the topic for today!

What are money clips?

Money clips are ancient (yet relatively modern) ways of compacting your cash. From single-strip paper clips (stylish ones) to full leather-designed clips, these pegs are made to hold your money and cards in place. While they also fit into the modern, cashless society, they were initially made for keeping cash between 20 and 25 bills.

Limitations of Money Clips

Why did it change if money clips were the start of compact cash storage? Why was evolution needed in the first place? Here are some of the limitations of money clips that make them almost extinct today.

  1. It has limited capacity. As mentioned, money clips can only hold between 20 and 25 cash bills. But beyond that, they also have limited capacity for cards. Similarly, keeping your keys or pen inside a money clip is impossible, making it not so trendy.
  2. Lack of Security: If you have seen a money clip, you’d know that it has no security, except when you keep it in your pocket or purse. Besides that, there is no protection for your card or bills from getting physically damaged.
  3. The clip does not allow for much organization. Since everything in a money clip is clamped together, you cannot do much about the organization. Easy access is also limited since you’d have to remove the entire fold to access a card in the middle.
  4. Durability: Money clips also tend to lose their tension over time, which causes them to be less durable, especially for those who have more cash or cards to carry around.
  5. It is weather-proof. From the rain to the dry heat, your cards and cash are unsafe from the weather or the environment.

Enter Modern EDC: What are they?

With all the limitations of the money clip, it’s only normal that it evolved into the modern EDC. But what is it?

EDC is short for ‘Everyday Carry,’ which refers to the daily things every person must have in their purse or wallet. Note that your everyday carry can differ depending on age, gender, profession, or preference. However, a few things are called ‘essentials’ and cut across all spheres of human existence.

Before talking even more about the modern EDC wallet, let’s look at what these essentials are.

What should be in a modern wallet?

The following are the things that every modern EDC should contain:

  1. Essential cards: This can vary from your ID to your credit cards. If you have insurance, it’s also best to take them around.
  2. Cash: Regardless of the cashless world, you’ll always need a few bucks.
  3. Emergency contact information: No one hopes for the worst. Nonetheless, keeping a card with your emergency contact information legibly written on it is advisable.
  4. Keys: This can range from your apartment’s key to your office’s or car’s keys. If you own a key, it should be in your wallet.
  5. Multi-tool card: It’s always essential to carry a small-sized multi-tool with options varying from bottle openers to screwdrivers.
  6. *Public transport card, if applicable.

Why is the modern EDC wallet better?

Besides that, it provides all the limitations of the money clips, and it also does these additional things:

  1. You can track your wallet if it has tracking technology integration.
  2. RFID blocking will protect your belongings and information from digital thieves.
  3. Some modern EDC minimalist wallets also have money clips, which is a win-win.

Join the Community

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