The Father Predator, Aswad Ayinde, Who Is He Married To?

The Father Predator Aswad Ayinde Who Is He Married To

Aswad is a Grammy Award-winning African who once resided in Paterson, New Jersey, in the United States.
Aswad Ayinde’s wife, Beverly Ayinde, was noted to have exposed the sexual molestation of her husband towards her and her daughters.

The Father Predator Aswad Ayinde Who Is He Married To

Aswad Ayinde and his family

Who Is Beverly Ayinde?

Ayinde Beverly is the wife of Aswad Ayinde. Beverly accused him of molesting her and her daughter for his sexual purposes. The 54 years old ex-wife was shocked to learn that her 12 years old daughter was pregnant with her husband.

She stated” “I was afraid to ever accuse him of being demented or being a pedophile, I knew the word, but I wouldn’t dare use it because it would result in a beating.”

Now, Beverly Ayinde is much alive and may have custody of the children fathered by Aswad Ayinde through his daughters.


Aswad is a sexual predator father who preyed on his daughter for many years.

He began to rip her daughter, Aziza Kibbi, when she was only eight and have involved in those abdominal acts for over 30 years before divorcing his wife.

The reason behind this act was to create a pure family bloodline. He felt that he and his family should create a pure family bloodline, so he used to brainwash his daughters into feeling that he was doing something special to them.

He impregnated not only his own children but also children nearby to his house. Aziza Kibbi was impregnated over five times.