The Literary Stronghold, Ed Mylett

Who Is Ed Mylett?

Ed Mylett is a popular motivational speaker, business leader and TV personality who has made numerous appearances in various forms of media. He has been a guest multiple times on national broadcasts like Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Sherri Shepherd and Good Morning Arizona. Ed’s ability to inspire and motivate others has made him a sought after media personality and his impact continues to resonate with people all around the world.

The Literary Stronghold Ed Mylett
Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett Builds A Career By Caring

Mylett can almost always tell you what you need.


“What I am pretty good at doing, and I’m right 95 percent of the time, is I can distill what [your] needs are,” he says. “Is it certainty? Is it love? Or connection? Is it significance and recognition? Is it growth? Or is it contribution?”

He can also tell where your strengths lie and tease them out within five minutes of beginning a conversation.

“It’s your nurturing skills, your intellect. It’s your problem-solving. It’s your resiliency. It’s your toughness. It’s your kinesthetic touch. It’s your humor, right?”

Reading people. It’s a skill he developed at an early age when he learned to read the moods of his alcoholic father.

“And I could read my daddy at five.”

He recalls that he could tell by the slightest gesture whether he was dealing with a sober father or a drunk one. “And then my second skill would kick in—my ability to persuade.”

He would take his father by the hand and move him through the house, telling him about his day at school and distracting him.

When Mylett was 15, his father got sober for good. That was a turning point for him. He asked his father if he was going to stay sober. His dad simply said, “I don’t know. I’m just not going to drink for one more day.” And that one more day philosophy stuck with him.


Mylett, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, performance coach, and speaker, has landed on the Forbes 50 Wealthiest Under 50 List and was recognized as one of the wealthiest self-made people in the world in his 30s, although he would tell you that he’s “team-made.”

He has his hand in a number of ventures, including food, health and fitness, real estate, YouTube videos, and a social media empire. And he has also published two books: #Maxout Your Lifeand, recently, The Power of One More.

But he still has time to hear a good story. In fact, it’s one of the pillars of his success: taking the time to be present and care about people.


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