The “Mr. Bean” Controversy That Sparked Up The Internet; All There Is To Know!

Just before the match, a Zimbabwe fan, named Ngugi Chasura accused Pakistan of sending a ‘fake’ Mr. Bean to Harare back in 2016 and desperately wanted a revenge against the Asian nation.

As soon as the match ended, ‘PAK Bean’, trended on Twitter, which shows a Mr. Bean impersonator, which was originally played by Rowan Atkinson becoming the talk of the town. So, who is this Pakistan Bean?

How The “Mr Bean” controversy all Started?


A Pakistani comedian named Muhammad Asif who hails from Kharadar, Karachi has gained immense popularity in the country due to his resemblance to the British icon Rowan Atkinson. In 2016, Pakistan sent Muhammad to Zimbabwe to perform in the Harare Agricultural Show where the people believed him to be the real Mr. Bean as his visit took the country by storm. He received a grand welcome and went on to attend multiple shows, massive road shows were also conducted for him. Not only this but he was paid for all these events and also received high-level security under the official protocol. Later, it was found out that he was actually an impersonator of the Mr. Bean sitcom character.

Who is this controversial Pak Bean?

The so-called PAK Bean is actually Asif Mohammad, who is a Pakistani comedian and almost a spitting image of the original Mr. Bean. Back in 2016, PAK Bean performed at the Harare International Conference Centre with other artists and was a massive flop show. The show’s ticket was 10 USD and actually had no value for money.

Rowan Atkinson has accidentally become embroiled in a Twitter feud between Zimbabwe and Pakistan fans, which began when the PCB tweeted a collage of its players preparing for the game.

Turns out, the person in the photo is a Pakistan comedian named Asif Muhammad, who is known to be the doppelganger of Mr. Bean.

Apparently, in 2016, he had visited Zimbabwe for a comedy show at the Harare International Conference Centre pretending to be Mr. Bean and was welcomed like a celebrity, before they realised that he was just an imposture.

The Mr Bean Controversy That Sparked Up The Internet All There Is To Know

Zimbabweans Are Angry and Might have taken Revenge with the game, Hear them out!

A Twitter user, named Ngugi Chasura, ‘angrily’ replied to the tweet saying: “As Zimbabweans, we won’t forgive you…you once gave us that Fraud Pak Bean instead of Mr. Bean Rowan ..we will settle the matter tomorrow just pray the rains will save you…#ZIMVSPAK”

Since then, Chasura and many other Zimbabweans who felt cheated by the Mr. Bean doppelganger had been holding a grudge against Pakistan.

“My kidz shamed me on this1 there were like dad you are better than this dont take us for granted…and i felt embarrassed,” Chasura said on Twitter.


And they wanted their Cricket team to take revenge for the embarrassment they suffered.

The Zimbabwe team did exactly what their fans asked for – to defeat Pakistan.

After the one-run victory over Pakistan, it is safe to assume that Zimbabwe erupted into celebrations, for more than one reason.

So soon after the match, the picture of PAK Bean along with the word ‘revenge’ trended immensely on Twitter.

Zimbabwe President  Also Joined His Citizens and Demanded for the Real Mr. Bean

Even the president of Zimbabwe got involved in the Twitter war.

“What a win for Zimbabwe! Congratulations to the Chevrons. Next time, send the real Mr Bean…#PakvsZim,” the President’s official account Tweeted.

What a win for Zimbabwe! Congratulations to the Chevrons. Next time, send the real Mr. Bean…#PakvsZim – President of Zimbabwe (@edmnangagwa) October 27, 2022.

Pakistan Prime Minister’s Response to the Outcry for the Real Mr. Bean

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif responded to him saying “We may not have the real Mr Bean, but we have real cricketing spirit .. and we Pakistanis have a funny habit of bouncing back 🙂 Mr President: Congratulations. Your team played really well today.”

Pakistan Lost the game to Zimbaweans

Zimbabwe put on an outstanding performance to defeat Pakistan by one run on Thursday in the T20 World Cup. Zimbabwe’s bowlers delivered an outstanding performance despite being limited to a meager score of 130/8 to ensure a thrilling victory for the team in Perth. winning off the final over requires 11 points. On a topic unrelated to cricket, a social media battle between the two fan bases is starting.

Revenge for Pak Bean or not, the Pakistan cricket team which lost two back-to-back games on the last ball is in a precarious position in the world up and are the mercy of the win/loss record of other teams to advance to the next stage.


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