The Role of Internships in Landing a Job Overseas With No Experience

Internships have become an increasingly famous topic among young people and organizations alike in recent years. On job search sites such as, it is not uncommon to find that businesses are looking for workers with experience, but note that candidates who have completed an apprenticeship will also be considered. It means that companies are interested in young experts with minimal job history gained through practice. In addition, it has many other advantages, and their acquisition will boost your CV.

Apprenticeships As a Chance to Gain Work History

Training is a great tool to help students and job seekers gain the background they need. The purpose of the apprenticeship is to gain experience with the performance of professional tasks and duties, improvement of skilled knowledge, abilities, and skills, study and assimilation of new technologies and equipment, and acquisition of additional competencies. Through practical training, a student can gain practical knowledge of their professional duties. Organizations around the world value young workers with a work history. You can gain a minimum of work understanding through training.

How Does an Apprenticeship Increase The Range Of Possibilities For Young Job Seekers Abroad?

Having training on your CV makes you more visible to employers. For example, businesses on the Layboard platform understand that if you are ready to develop at such a young age, you will do the same in the future. In addition, many foreign employers are willing to pay higher salaries for job history. It is a nice bonus to all of the above.

Key Usefulness Of an Internship

Of course, additionally to the fact that you will be able to try yourself in your specialization, training has other advantages. It is also one of the reasons why it is growing in popularity around the world. Let’s look at the key bonuses:

Firstly, you get to know yourself better. Before devoting your life to one profession, it will be useful to learn more about it. You will face all challenges yourself, not from other people’s stories.

Secondly, gain practical skills. Knowledge will be really useful after it is used in the workplace. 

Thirdly, improving your CV. Your resume will be more marketable. Against the background of other young candidates, the student will be able to stand out by the fact, that in practice he faced real challenges of the profession and independently implemented projects.

Finally, during the training, the student is supervised by an employee of the company. It allows them to learn about new technologies and adopt someone else’s experience. 

These key benefits have led students who have completed practica to find jobs faster. In addition, because they already have knowledge that has been tested in practice, they can earn higher salaries. Active young people are highly valued abroad.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing a Practicum Abroad?

If you already clearly realize that you want to move to another country in the future, an apprenticeship is your chance. You will get to know the culture and get to know the labor market better. A nice bonus is that there are training programs that help students find a job in another country. If the candidate passes the selection and becomes a participant, the program will cover part of the costs, help with finding an apprenticeship, and with paperwork and an employment contract.

In addition, you will gain more trust from your employer. They will treat you more favorably if you have previously worked in their country. It is because the business understands that you can adapt to unfamiliar conditions and work in a team with foreigners.

Solving Challenges During Training Will Increase Your Chances Of Landing a Job Overseas with No Experience

An apprenticeship is a chance for you not only to work but also to implement your projects or develop new skills. Solving complex issues will make you a better specialist. Support from a more experienced employee will give you confidence and allow you to learn more. Problems and challenges are what give you a powerful impetus to develop. That’s why it’s not uncommon for employers to ask you about your mistakes at work and how you dealt with them during the interview. 

Improving Soft and Hard Skills Through Internships Abroad

Apprenticeships play an essential role in the job application process. One of the reasons is that it helps students improve their professional skills. They work with new technologies. Such a skill as teamwork will be improved precisely by cooperation with the team. If you work in a foreign company, it will be a test for you. Completing it will prove that you can work in a different cultural setting. Flexibility will never be a superfluous talent. It is what helps you to develop continuously.

How Do I Find an Internship?

The first and most essential stage is to set your priorities. Please note that training in your field of study will add knowledge to your niche and increase your chances of finding a job. Decide whether you are looking for an international program or something in your country. After that, you can start your search. Here are some great resources where you can find or learn about internships:

  • Official websites of businesses;
  • Social networks of brands, companies, and internship programs;
  • Networking, forums;
  • University, teachers;
  • Websites of internship programs.

Follow the latest news. Searching the Internet using keywords can be a very great tool. In this way, you can easily find the resources you need.


Internships can play a critical role in finding a job abroad. It opens up more possibilities for a recent university graduate. The resume becomes more valuable and stands out among other candidates. The fact that the young people has a completed internship will show that he is active and can be trusted. Acquiring new skills and applying knowledge in practice under the supervision of a specialist will make you more proficient. All this will help you build a global career faster and earn a higher salary in the country of your dreams.