The Top 10 AC Repair Myths Debunked

AC unit repair is a common service that many people rely on to keep their home and workspace cool and comfortable. However, several myths surrounding air conditioner repair can confuse and even lead to costly mistakes. This article will debunk the top 10 AC unit repair myths and provide accurate information to help you make informed decisions regarding your cooling system.

  • Myth: You only need to call for repair when your AC is not working.

Fact: Waiting until your AC system breaks down can lead to more expensive repairs and a longer period without cool air. It is essential to schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional HVAC technician to prevent potential problems and keep your system running efficiently.

  • Myth: Turning off the AC when not at home saves energy and money.

Fact: Turning off your AC completely can cause the temperature inside your home to rise, resulting in more energy being used to cool it back down once you return. Instead, consider raising the temperature a few degrees while you are away or investing in a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature automatically.

  • Myth: Air filters should only be replaced once a year.

Fact: Air filters should be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on the type and quality of filter used. Clogged air filters can restrict airflow, causing your AC system to work harder and potentially leading to breakdowns.

  • Myth: You can repair an AC system with online tutorials.

Fact: While homeowners can do some minor maintenance tasks, AC repair in Peoria should always be left to a professional. Attempting DIY repairs without proper knowledge and tools can damage your system further and pose safety risks.

  • Myth: The bigger the AC unit, the better it will cool your home.

Fact: It is essential to have an appropriately sized AC unit for your space. An oversized unit will cycle on and off frequently, leading to increased energy consumption and wear on the system. A professional HVAC technician can determine the correct size for your specific needs.

  • Myth: It’s normal for an AC system to make loud noises.

Fact: Unusual or loud noises coming from your AC system could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. Ignoring these noises can further damage your system and potentially costlier repairs.

  • Myth: AC systems only need maintenance if there is a problem.

Fact: Regular AC system maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns and extend its lifespan. It is recommended to schedule maintenance checks at least once a year, preferably before the start of the summer season.

  • Myth: All AC systems are the same, so it doesn’t matter which brand you buy.

Fact: Different brands and models of AC systems vary in quality, efficiency, and features. It is essential to do research and consult with a professional to determine the best fit for your specific needs and budget.

  • Myth: Lowering the thermostat temperature will cool your home faster.

Fact: Your AC system cools the air constantly, regardless of the temperature setting. Lowering the thermostat significantly can result in higher energy consumption and may not cool your home any faster.

  • Myth: Regularly changing the refrigerant is necessary for optimal performance.

Fact: AC systems are designed to be sealed and should not require frequent refrigerant refills. If your system is running low on refrigerant, it could indicate a leak that needs to be repaired by a professional.

Understanding and debunking these common AC repair myths allows you to make informed decisions about your cooling system and prevent costly mistakes. Regular maintenance and timely repairs by a professional HVAC technician are vital to keeping your AC system running efficiently and reliably.

Don’t fall for these myths! Schedule regular maintenance checks and repairs with a trusted HVAC technician to keep your cooling system running smoothly. Contact Five Star Air’s team of qualified technicians today to schedule an appointment and ensure your home stays cool all summer. Call 623-244-0414 for more information.