The Ultimate Winter Guide: Ways To Have Fun Indoors

Those who live in colder climates usually dream of escaping the darkest throes of winter with a tropical getaway. In fact, locations throughout the far north see an influx of flights headed to places like Mexico and the Caribbean from November to February. But not everyone will be so lucky to spend Christmas in Aruba or New Year’s Eve in Barbuda.

Thankfully, there’s a growing number of ways to have fun indoors. Thanks to advances in technology, the era of at-home entertainment has never been more expansive, realistic, or satisfying—even if you’re spending an evening alone at home.

Let’s dive into three of the best ways to have fun while staying inside this winter. We’ve curated these opportunities based on suiting people of all interests, including activities related to gaming, travel, and the natural world.

Stimulate the Brain: Compete Against the Pros

There’s never been a better time to be a gamer. In 2023, casual and competitive gamers alike have dozens of novel ways to game—including console games, PC games, mobile titles, handheld releases, and even innovative VR games. Many games include global leaderboards and social features to help you join a community. Aside from gaming, you can also watch your favorite players do their thing on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

If you want to stay occupied this winter, then we suggest joining a gaming community. If games like Among Usor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aren’t for you, then try a more traditional title. For example, online poker remains a global staple with millions of players. If you want to explore these types of traditional gaming communities, then explore a PokerStars Michigan review or a similar platform to get started learning more.

Remote Travel: Explore the World’s Top Landmarks & Museums

Gaming might not be for everyone. If you’re lacking the equipment, competitive spirit, or interest to get started, then we recommend diving into the internet’s remote travel opportunities. Remote travel simply means that you can explore real-world locations using only a mobile device or laptop.

Even if you have no experience with tech, it’s easy to get started. There are a few options at your fingertips. The easiest is Google’s Arts & Culture platform, which allows users to take 360-degree tours of the world’s top landmarks, museums, and more. Otherwise, you can shop around for independent websites and platforms that offer tours, and even head straight to the websites of major establishments, such as London’s National Gallery, to see if they offer their own self-guided, remote tour.

Learn Something New: Catalog the Natural World

Gaming and virtual tours are designed to help you escape winter straight from your living room. But if you’re a bit more interested in staying present in your home, we have another suggestion that’s based on tech. This one revolves around taking a more investigative look at your natural surroundings, specifically the plants outside and the stars above.

Using a few handy apps, you should be able to identify trees, bushes, and other plants in your immediate vicinity. Certain nature-based apps might even make suggestions on what you could plant and grow during the warm spring and summer months. Similarly, you can use astronomy apps to help you learn more about the stars, constellations, and other movements in the night sky.