These Movies Will Soon Leave The Netflix catalogue

These Movies Will Soon Leave The Netflix Catalogue

Not only is Netflix continuing to add new content, but they are also removing content to make room for new content! Here’s what will be removed from the service in the coming weeks


On the American streaming platform Netflix, new movies and episodes are regularly added to the catalog, both original and licensed. And, conversely, many are also unscheduled…


To stay up to date, users can keep up with the latest news by visiting What’s New. You’ll notice three subcategories here: New Movies, Available Next Week, Available This Week.


Not only does the platform inform you of new movies that are about to be released, but also if a series, documentary or movie is scheduled to disappear from the catalog. In this case, you will see the message Last day to watch this title on Netflix.


With the help of the FlixBoss site, we were able to easily round up all the titles that will be leaving Netflix in the next few days, so you can enjoy them one last time…


Movies and series soon to be removed from Netflix

Below, find the list of soon to be removed content:


October 6

The Amazing Adventure of Bella

October 7th


Black Diamond

October 8th



October 9th


Johnny English Strikes Back

October 14


Secret Garden

Suspicious Partner

You’re beautiful

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Rooftop Prince

Doctor Crush

Beautiful Gong Shim

Mutant Busters


October 17th



October 18th


The Girl Who Sees Scents

October 20th


No Way Out

October 22


Doctor John


Dr. Romantic

Hot Stove League

October 23rd


Hemlock Grove

October 25th



October 27


I can hear your voice

October 31