Tia Hernlen Biography, Age, Parents, Nationality, Profession and Ugly Tale

Tia Hernlen Biography Age Parents Nationality Profession And Ugly Tale

Tia Hernlen aka Tia Skye Hernlen is the daughter of Julie Hernlen and Aenas Hernlen who were shot dead by David Edward Johnson in Volusia County, Florida on Monday, 28 March 2005.

Profile Summary

Name Tia Skye Hernlen
Nick Name Tia
Gender Female
Profession N/A
Known For Murder of her parents
Parents                   Father: Aenus Hernlen
Mother: Julie Hernlen
Date of Birth 2000
Age (as in 2023) 23
Birth Place Volusia County, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

What Is Tia Hernlen’s Story?

Five-year-old Tia Hernlen (then) was awakened by gunshots early Monday morning and called 911 for help when she found her dying mother and father. It was all over the news and she was appreciated for how she kept cool in such a condition even at a very young age and the way she handled the situation.
Tia Hernlen Biography Age Parents Nationality Profession And Ugly Tale

Tia Hernlen parents

During a remarkable five-minute call, the girl talked to Volusia County Sheriffs’ dispatcher Donna Choufani, who expertly handled the call. Reportedly she said, “My mommy and daddy…I think there is a bullet and the floor ….And there is blood pouring out of my father’s mouth, and he has fallen off the bed.” Aeneas, her father, died in Daytona Beach’s Halifax Medical Center after being treated. Julie, on the other hand, was found dead on the scene. Many years passed now, and still Netizens are curious as to what Tia is up to right now.

Was It A Planned Assassination Or Coincidence?

Going back to that incident, officials have said David Edward Johnson (33) targeted the couple (Herlens) after being arrested for custody of marijuana and steroids; He mistakenly believed that the couple had turned He broke into their house and shot them to death, then killed himself. He shot himself in the head at his Swan Drive home following the shootings of the couple. But according to investigators, the couple who were once friends with Johnson had nothing to do with his arrest.,

Volusia County sheriff’s investigators Johnson said “To the best of our knowledge, for a 5-year-old, she’s doing pretty well. We’re nervous about long-term effects on the little woman, naturally. At 5 years old, the meaning of dying generally would not actually sink in, however, we’re concerned for her future welfare.

The surf-loving couple apparently feared the suspect and tried to get a court-ordered injunction to maintain him away from their household. However, Circuit Judge Richard Graham denied the request on account that there was not enough evidence to support the stalking charge. After this incident, he further said “No violence was alleged and it was hard to prove stalking with the allegations” presented, according to court papers. Looking back on it, I would have liked to have done it differently. But you review each case on a case-by-case basis.”


According to sources Tia was doing well, staying with her grandparents in Central Florida and a trust has been set up for Tia at Gulf States Credit Union. And also, there were chances that Tia Herlnes might have changed her name now officially.

She has been keeping a low profile and there is no presence of her on social media anywhere including popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.