Top Telegram Client Apps For Enhanced Messaging Experience

People nowadays use their smartphones and other devices on a daily basis to communicate, listen to music, read news and much more. We choose messengers to communicate with our relatives and one of the most popular ones is Telergam. The messenger has become famous for its security settings, multifunctionality and user-friendly interface, where everyone can customise the design to suit their tastes and send round videos to their friends and family. 

But what if the usual Telergam app is no longer enough to cover all the features you need, for example, you need the function of forwarding messages without authorisation? Telergam client applications come to the rescue. These are applications that are written by developers on the basis of the original application. However, these apps have additional features added to them that help to enhance your experience with this messenger. Today, we are going to have a look at a few apps, explore their features and find out which of these apps will suit you best. 


The app is written in open source, so you can see for yourself how safe this app is. It has a lot of interesting features, such as Nicegram bot, translate messages directly in the chat, view messages without indicating that they have been read, add tabs and folders to organise your chats, unlock all chats and channels, forward messages without indicating the author. Nicegram also supports all updates to the official Telegram app, and data from Nicegram is stored on Telegram’s servers. 


This app is the best of all the client apps when it comes to absorbing content chatting, listening to music and much more. With Vidogram, you can make a single news feed from all the channels. The app has IPTV, so you can watch entertainment, sports and other channels without leaving the app. For those who love listening to music in Telergam, you can create a playlist and listen to music in the client app itself. There is also a separate tab with inbuilt video games, and additional features like converting a voice message into a text message right in the chat and confirmation of message sending. 

Graph Messenger

This is a great application for keeping your messenger experience private. The following common innovations are included in Graph Messenger: creating and logging in 100 active accounts simultaneously, uploading files from multiple sources simultaneously, the ability to create chats and filter them by category, chronological display of messages from channels.  But still Graph Messenger got its popularity precisely because of the privacy features, for example, changing the voice when sending voice messages, the ability to hide chats and channels, you can open them only after entering a password, notification if a certain person appears in the network. 

To sum up, applications clients of the original Telergam are gaining popularity and take their place of honour on users’ screens precisely because of the presence of unusual and sometimes necessary features that are difficult to find in the original application. For example, by installing one application, you can watch your favourite TV shows directly in your phone, listen to music or read messages without marking them as read. Other apps, on the other hand, will be able to help you keep your privacy and work with messenger. In any case, you can choose which application to install on your smartphone, because the choice of the client application depends on the purpose of using the messenger.